Made it to New Orleans – NOLA + Po’ Boy and Salad for the win + Excited!

Happy Friday from New Orleans, Louisiana! We are so excited to be here, especially after a 9 hour drive!

This morning started out at Mom and Dad Papke’s house as we dropped our sweet pups off so we could make the trek this morning! Mom P was super sweet and made us breakfast… loved the egg omelet as I’m trying to get as much protein in as possible during meals these 48 hours before the half on Sunday!

We set out alarms early and were out the door by 8:45am. I loaded up on some GU hydration tablets so decided to make a GU cocktail for the road 🙂 This water bottle is one of two that I got sent in my ambassador kit last week. More to come on that soon! #guforit

On our way here, we passed quite the interesting Planters Peanut car… so of course had to snap a picture! I’m sure they get that a lot!

We did pretty good on our way here regarding time! Stopped twice to fill with gas once we hit half a tank (Mom would be proud) and once about two hours out when my eyes were getting VERY heavy and I needed to shake it out.

We stopped at Walgreens to wake up a bit during the shake out and I bought some almonds and saw THIS! Mari Gras King Cake ice cream?! I need to know how good this must be! Anyone?!

Mom Papke sent us a picture of Emmy outside with sleet building up on her as she took them outside. It went from 70 degrees yesterday down to feeling like 25 or something this afternoon. Brrrrrrr

A little while later we got this hilarious picture of Emmy looking like she was taking a selfie with their pup Wrigley photo bombing in the background! LOL

We arrived in NOLA around 6:30 or so and found our hotel. I’m soooo happy We are staying at the Hyatt Regency as the packet pickup for the race this Sunday is actually here and the start line is like a 10 minute walk! Plus, it’s beautiful!

This hotel is massive and we are literally in the heart of downtown New Orleans, within walking distance to everything! Got lucky with this hotel and we couldn’t be more excited to be here! It’s huuuuuuuge! Has everything you need, but there is a whole crazy world outside our front door this weekend!

We got a city view and are so excited to see all of our friends that are arriving and have arrived tomorrow!

PS – Look how high up our floor is. Lynn has a fear of heights (the falling from them part) and couldn’t even get close enough to take a look. Lol! Sweet girl.

We were tired from the trip, plus the trip down to the ‘Rents last night and very little sleep past few days. So, we decided to check in with friends, but get settled and eat at the hotel.

We wandered down to Vitascope Hall inside the hotel and decided to grab dinner there. I never have too high of hopes for hotel restaurants as they are usually small portions, pricey and not always that great of meals.

Right away I was impressed with ambiance and cute seating and menu had a lot of options.

I was so excited and impressed with my avocado salad with sesame dressing. I added chicken and onions of course and also got a sesame cucumber salad and mixed them all up together. I’m so full, but left so content!

Lynn has been talking about a Po’ Boy for weeks so she ordered that with sweet potato fries. We both were very pleased and enjoyed! Moscow Mules to wash it down was the perfect touch!

Lynn and I had some good conversation on the trip down and are so glad and excited to be here! So much to explore and see and taste the next few days!

Friends, we will see you in the morning! I’m so excited for the race (wish I didn’t lose two months of training) and we are hitting the hay right…. about…. Zzzzzzzzzzz

See you at the start line!

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