Packet pickup for NOLA Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon + Day out in New Orleans

Hope everyone’s weekend is fabulous!

I woke up to this pretty face staring at me this morning. Every day with this person by my side is a pretty stinkin’ good day!

I woke up surprisingly early (6:50am) considering I was so exhausted yesterday and didn’t fall asleep until after midnight. However, I refused to get up so o tossed and turned until I fell asleep for a few minutes only to wake myself up from a nightmare!

I dreamed that I didn’t earn the medal above! (Snapped a picture of this today at the expo and I WILL earn this tomorrow) nightmare went like this…

  • I overslept for the race
  • When I was on my way I realized I had the wrong shoes on
  • I also had jeans and a long sleeve T-shirt on for the race
  • I forgot the safety pins for my bib
  • I forgot my GU
  • My Nanohydr8 was frozen
  • When I got the the start they wouldn’t let me start as it had been too long

So, in my dream I started to run anyways and apparently moved across the bed in my sleep as a result of the full on sprint! I woke Lynn up and she reached over to make sure I was okay and I was in a full sweat! #runnerproblems

I have set 34 alarms for tomorrow as a result!

We didn’t end up meeting our friends for breakfast as they were ahead of us in the getting ready to face the world category. So, we did what ANY normal people would do their first morning in the city of New Orleans, where there are a plethora of unique places to eat. We went to Starbucks! Hey, when bae is hangry you go to the closest thing open that accepts money.

It was really nice to start our day together though and I we both had some good egg bites to fuel us for the morning!

The packet pickup for tomorrow’s race was at the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center about a mile away so we decided to walk and take in some sights.

We absolutely love it here and are already excited to come back! This city is like none other and has parts of all of our favorite cities mixed in to one. Except Bourbon Street… there isn’t another street like that in the world. Just sayin’!

As we were walking we saw the Riverwalk Outlet Mall along the Mississippi River. There was a large cruise ship docked next to it. I would love to go on a cruise with Lynn someday!

We saw these super cute Voodoo Doll keychains at a store in our hotel… I need all three 🙂

The group graciously waited for us to go inside the expo as they arrived a few minutes ahead of us. It was so good to see everyone and we were all excited!

Once we all got our bibs Lynn took a picture of us at the countdown to the race. I was excited to move forward from there when I saw the Brooks running merchandise!!!!

I came away with a pair of the Marathon series Launch 5 Brooks running shoes and I’m so excited! It was the last size 9.5 so I had to. No brainer!

Then, because everyone else was buying clothes I had to as well! The shirts all have the half marathon runners names on the back and the shorts have a pocket. Plus, they are unique to the race tomorrow so will be a memory each time I wear. I’m totally pulling a rookie move tomorrow and wearing the new outfit (minus the new shoes, as I have my Ugly Christmas Sweater Brooks!) I laid out my super snazzy attire and fuel to ensure I had everything needed. Especially after that nightmare! Oh yeah, and to post on Instagram. Cough. @roadrunnerchic1 #guforit

I got sucked into buying a gadget that reminds me of muscle stem and ARP so I’m super excited to use for recovery and sports performance in small ways. More to come, plus I didn’t take a picture!

We found our names on the wall – I love when they do this at races. I wonder what they do with them after everyone leaves and goes back to the real world?!

We wandered around a bit more a found a few more photos ops. Also, I didn’t realize they had hall of games for the Rock N Roll series! The more you do in a year the more medals you earn. If you do 15 in a calendar year, you own THIS bad boy! This medal was huge and heavy! Yeah!

After all that walking around we were thirsty and wanted a snack. There was a Cafe Du Monde in the Mall so we decided to sit and carb up a bit.

We all had a great time talking and couldn’t get over how the powdered sugar ended up in places that it never should. What a mess! Totally worth it! The iced coffee was on point as well!

Before we headed out we hit the souvenir shop. I tried on some things but didn’t purchase anything. Figured we’d do that somewhere we have more of a story to go with it tomorrow while out and about.

We headed towards the French quarter and I started counting all the places I want to go and the food/drink I want to taste! It’s a lot, let’s just say that! First thing after the race tomorrow though is a Bloody Mary! ‘Nawlins style!

We saw a wedding that had just taken place at Jackson square. Was so neat to see the handkerchiefs waving and the second line going with the bride and groom! I tried to get a picture but soooo many people!

Jackson Square is beautiful!

For dinner we decided on Cafe Amelie and we were very happy with our meals. I had a salad that I of course made my own, but was delicious. I asked for extra dressing and to add chicken, onions and beets so that made it even more perfect!

The restaurant had a beautiful garden/patio to dine in, and even though it was cold we decided to sit outside so we didn’t have to wait an hour to get a table. Score!

We are now at the hotel and I’m pumped for tomorrow (although wish I was fully prepared, sorry I’ll stop saying that already… I’m almost back on track to get back on track…ON a track)

Grateful for this trip and I wish everyone running tomorrow good luck!

See you at the Start Line!


– Where is the best place to get a Bloody Mary in NOLA?!

– Have you ever done Tarot card readings? I see a lot of people trying to offer readings here

– Need some ideas for dinner tomorrow. GO!

I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!

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