Austin Half Marathon Eve + Packet Pickup + Afternoon with friends

Happy Saturday world.

Isn’t the sight above one of the most beautiful pictures ever? The finish line of my Austin Half Marathon tomorrow! I’m so excited, but I’ll admit I’m a bit nervous with the elevation gains.

We’ve loved the weekend so far in Austin, and it was so kind of our friend Sarah to let us stay in her house while she was at her boyfriends for the weekend. Was like having our own air bnb and free! Thanks Sarah, you rock!

We slept in a bit this morning and then headed out to the expo to pick up my packet. I’ll be honest, this was one of both of our favorite expos. It was like trick or treating for runners as they were giving a lot of things away.

Lynn was super sweet and as soon as she saw this shirt (it’s a really pretty sea-foam green, hard to tell in picture) she bought it for me! Now I have a piece of Austin from the expo 🙂

Something else hilarious…. remember this picture from our drive to New Orleans?

Well, this was what we saw in Austin at the expo today. Small small world! The lady said there are only 3 of these vehicles across the country , so it’s hilarious that we saw it twice in two weekends!

We walked around the expo for a couple of hours, Spun a lot of wheels to win free stuff and I actually played a round of bags! I got all 4 in and won a T-shirt so that was pretty cool 🙂

They had a large painted 26.2 sign that the runners and friends could doodle on. Lynn wrote a cute note on it for me before we headed off to the next picture opportunity 🙂

These are fun ones as they show the course map and the medal. It’s actually a belt buckle and they will sell the leather belts at the finish for those that want to trade in their ribbon and attach it to some leather.

Here are a few other fun pictures we took around the expo! We had so much fun!

After the expo, we headed to Austin Container Bar on Rainey Street. Was super eclectic and awesome to see our friends Sarah and Monica. I also got to meet a few of her other friends Clair and Lacey and a few new friends.

Lynn also gave the girls their official will you be my bridesmaid boxes. They are so cute, we created them for our girls and when they open the package a box pops out with customized items on it and confetti!

Once we went to another place to catch up for a bit, and had a few disappointing drinks, the fiancé and I headed to dinner as we hadn’t eaten since early in the day!

We said goodbye to our friends, wished Amah luck in her very first half marathon tomorrow and brainstormed on what we wanted to put in our bellies.

What a great group of girls and I’m glad I’m getting to know them better as well.

Happy birthday Lacey, we hope the rest of your night was awesome!

We went to South Congress street for about an hour, but everything was on a wait, so we decided to head back to Sarah’s and see what was closer in that direction.

We ended up at Pinthouse Pizza and it was just what we needed! I had a salad so big it took up a tray, shared some queso and had a bite of Lynn’s pizza. Have you ever had pizza with honey? No? Then you need to head to Pinthouse immediately. I ate every leaf in that salad! Yum!

I should’ve been in bed hours ago, but wanted to talk about the expo and see how everyone’s weekend has been!

See you tomorrow after 13.1!


-Need advice on hill running. STAT

-What is the coolest race medal you’ve ever earned?

I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!

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