Made it to Austin +Half Marathon #30 Weekend + Valentines Day Recap

Happy Friday y’all!

I hope everyone had an incredible Valentines Day yesterday as well!

This was our Vday breakfast of champions yesterday. I was quite proud as I actually toasted our bagels instead of eating it straight out of the bag as I’m rushing to get out the door. Lynn refuses to eat in such a fashion and judges me every time I do it.

I also made Lynn an adult lunchable. Little fancier than the 3 pieces of cheese and an Oreo that come in the ones meant to fill up a 4 year old. Sad part is, she is so busy she sometimes doesn’t even have time to eat THAT!

PS – these Ritz crackers are a new flavor called Everything and you need to try them today!

I had enough time before my sweet girl got home to wrap (aka – roll up in tissue paper) her gifts! She is Sweet, so I got her all things S. I know I know, it just worked that way ladies and gents! Roll with it!

Scent – a beautiful candle with Fleur-Dis-Lis to remind us of NOLA.

Starbucks – A new water bottle that she can take to school to keep her hydrated.

Sperrys – A blue pair of Sperrys like she got me at Christmas so we can be twins

Swarovski Stud Earrings – Classy round earrings.

Strawberry Orange Chocolate – She loves the regular, spice it up with Strawberry!

I couldn’t leave the pups out, so I put some stuff in her bag to give to the pups when we get them back on Sunday! They probably think Mommies left them, so we have to dress them cute and give them toys to buy back their love!

Our resort complex was doing a fun Valentines Day champagne toast for couples, raffling off prizes (I can’t win a coin toss) and taking pictures with the couples. They gave us roses (I took 8) and we have them at home looking mighty pretty on the counter.

We hadn’t done Snapchat in 100 years so we played around a bit as we had time to kill before our 9pm dinner reservation. That was the only slot available, but at least we didn’t have to drive, find parking, etc… we literally just walked downstairs.

Lynn got me a beautiful pair of Tacori Earrings. They are a gorgeous shade of green with some sparkle. Pics don’t do them justice! I have an amazing fiancé.

Our reservation was at one of our favorite places Uniko The service is incredible and they have a ceviche that is to die for. No seriously, you would die for this stuff. It’s like a spicy miso flavor with fresh tuna, salmon, etc. So Good!

We also had a chirashi bowl over sashimi rice, a sushi roll and I had a cucumber salad while Lynn had a Miso soup to start. I didn’t get pics of everything, was too tasty!

They were giving away Rose to all the couples to drink which was nice.

Was a great Valentines and I’m the luckiest woman in the world to get to have Lynn not just yesterday, but every day. I love her more than she knows!

So, as you know I’m not looking forward to the hills at Sundays race! I’m still way off from where I should be, but I will muscle through it!

The weather is supposedly be beautiful so we shall see! Little warm for my liking but hoping the start is at least cool!

Our good friend Sarah let us stay in her house this weekend as she’s visiting her boyfriend. Very very nice of her as it’s only 15 min from tomorrow’s packet pickup.

We didn’t get to Austin until about 8:45, but we had done some work before we got her and headed to the Domain to hunt down MIA. The Domain is incredible and like its own city. Plenty going on and so very pretty

MIA was busy but we got in right away. We looked at the menus of a few other places, but we came back to this restaurant.

We were in the mood to share some Tapas and it was delicious!

We had Ahi Tuna, Roasted Beet and Citrus Salad, meatballs, shishito peppers and Gnocchi.

This was one of the best meals I’ve had in awhile. I’d go back in a hot minute!

Daily sugar intake…. kidding, didn’t buy anything, but I wanted too. Check out the cereal above! Marshmallows only!

Walking around after we saw a cute quote and I had to take a picture.

So, I’m literally falling asleep over here but I wanted to get the blog posted before more of the weekend disappears.

I’ll be back tomorrow to talk all things running and packet pickup!

I’m super pumped for half marathon #30!

See you at the start line!

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