Dabbing + Pain Free + Cold + Run Lucky +Save the Dates

Morning! Hang on everyone, Friday is almost here!

It’s been 4 days since the Austin half marathon and I already miss it! I love running and racing and the whole experience that goes with each so much!

I’m happy to report that outside of a few shin splints, I’m still ankle pain free! I’m soooo excited as I haven’t been pain free since Christmas! SOOOo ready to get back into things! I’ll be smart, not too much crazy too fast! I’ve been humbled and won’t take the ability to run joyfully and pain free for granted again!

I will be using this from time to time as I really think this helped during my race! I know I have some at home in my stash somewhere, I’ll have to dig it out! I plan on going to the trails this weekend for the first time in, it feels like, forever…. Or maybe the track… or maybe the….😁😁😁

As you all know, I love cold weather when I’m running (well, about a mile into it when I’m warmed up. I will complain about it until then. Ask Lynn 🙂 )

However, I DON’T like the cold when I’m sitting in my freezing car in the morning and have to wait for my windshield to get warmer than me before I can safely speed off to work. Good ol’ Texas winters, ya know?!

So, I want feedback. Out sweet little goofy Emmy likes to jump off the bed at night. She does this just to turn around and whine, alerting us it’s an emergency and she was just kidding…. and would like back in bed.

So, I haven’t slept more than a few nights through the night, and I think we should try doggy stairs! Has anyone else ever used these? Do they work? Lynn doesn’t think Emmy will use them as she wants Mommies hands to propel her back into bed! She’s probably right!

I always look like death in my running photos so I thought I’d do something funny as I saw the camera dude up ahead last Sunday (Austin Half Marathon).

Lynn always says that her students like to dab, so I decided I would try as well! Buahahahaha! So glad they captured this as it made me laugh when I saw it! I’m sure the camera man was shaking his head! Next time I’ll have to try that flossing dance move. I kid, I kid.

I don’t think I’ve squealed as much since I saw my Brooks Ugly Christmas Sweater shoes as when I saw that these were going to be available! They even had a countdown on their website for us crazies to know when the purchasing could begin.

Lynn thought that it was a countdown that I created and thought I was a bit nuts. She’s not far off.

I may or may not have ordered a pair this morning! I mean, they are Brooks, Lucky, Green to go with my eyes, and the same style that I ran Austin in! I mean, it would be wrong to not order a pair!

This is perfect as I’ll have a few pairs of Brooks I’ll love now so won’t wear one out too fast! How could I not order these beauties…..

Dear Brooks,

I fully expect these shoes to keep me lucky. To help me gain back my endurance, stay pain free and of course to win races. I’m your biggest fan.


Road Runner Chick

So, we are having a Save The Date party tonight. We received them a few weeks ago but have been crazy busy, so we are going to start addressing them and mailing out tonight!

This weekend we are trying on wedding dresses as well!

Can’t wait to share everything as much more to come! Lots of wedding planning in near future!

Have a great day, see you at the Start Line!


-What type of running shoes do you wear?

– Ever used Doggy Stairs?

3 thoughts on “Dabbing + Pain Free + Cold + Run Lucky +Save the Dates

  1. I used to be a Saucony guy (yeah, I ran in the 90’s). Then Mizuno’s, and now Brooks. Those lucky Brooks are awesome! And I love cold weather running, too. Last weekend my wife came in from her run first. She wore a jacket and tights, but told me to wear a t-shirt and shorts. I cursed her for the first two miles, but was glad I listened by the time I got back.

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