Friday Night dinner with Mom Papke + We said YES TO THE DRESS + Wedding planning

Mom Papke was in da house this weekend! We so love when she comes and stays with us and are always so sad when she leaves! Don’t they look so much alike?! Mom P had lunch with Lynn at school Friday and Lynn’s students kept calling them twins!

When our Friday work days came to an end we decided to go to our favorite restaurant downstairs from our apartment and treat her to dinner at Uni’ko

We started out with Sake and our favorite ceviche in the entire world! This dish would be on my What would your last meal be list. It’s like a citrusy, soy miso dish of goodness filled with Ahi Tuna, Salmon, etc… Heaven!

We then shared a Chirashi dish full of king crab, fresh salmon, tuna, flounder etc and all is over an amazing rice. Yum

We had a couple of rolls, but my favorite was the one that came out on fire! It was fresh salmon and had goodness wrapped IN it. So so so good! Pictures don’t do it justice!

We went to bed at a decent hour as we had a big day yesterday!

Emmy and I were both SSOOoOoO excited to wake up and get ready!

I had been going back and forth with two very sweet ladies (Catherine and Jane) at the beautiful Swan Bridal over the past few months in anticipation for our exciting day! Both of them had been very kind, giving us a lot of information, reminders etc….

We had originally planned on doing separate appointments so that we could avoid seeing each other! However, as soon as we arrived that quickly changed. It’s hard to pick out such an important item without your best friends opinion, and even harder when she is the one you are marrying and isn’t supposed to put eyes on the dress!

So, I went first and fell head over heels with my first dress! I mean it had everything I wanted… and was different than the normal cookie cutter dress! I tried on 5 or 6 more, and looked at several but after an hour or so, I realized nothing else could compare. So, I put on my dress again and ALMOST said yes!

I wanted my beautiful bride to be to go through her dress experience before I made any decisions.

She looked absolutely stunning in every dress she tried on and no matter which one she picked, I couldn’t think she could be more gorgeous than she was right then. I’m truly a lucky girl!

Swan Bridal has exceptional customer service providing us with an incredible experience!

We wanted to discuss a few things so we said goodbye to Catherine for a few hours, stating we’d be back before they closed. Catherine told us that she wouldn’t be there when we got back as she was headed to Asia to work on dress designs! How incredible is that?! Honored that she helped us with our dresses!

We decided that we had found our dresses, and when we walked in a few hours later, we got to meet the famous Jane! She was such a sweet person and so kind to us while there! She let me try on my dress one more time before I said Yes to the Dress!

She then took both of our measurements and just like that, we had found our dream dresses! I want to share what my dress looks like, but I’m keeping it a secret until the big day! So until then…. this is all you get 🙂

I am so lucky that I get to marry my best friend! She is kind, patient, loving, funny and a million other things. Lynn makes me a better person and I love her more than I thought was possible to love another person. I can’t wait to say “I do”!

Jane (pictured above) dropped everything she was doing to help us out when we came back to claim our gowns 🙂 She was so sweet and helpful! Catherine, along with the other sweet lady helping me in and out of dresses that morning were amazing and knew exactly what I wanted when I described my dream dress!

Thank you Swan Bridal for making our dream dresses come to life!

We can’t wait to come back when they arrive, and to check out accessories!

If you are planning a wedding, make sure you stop by and visit Jane and Catherine! Swan Bridal

After a full day of trying on wedding dresses, we were starving! So, we headed to Chuys as this is one of our favorite Mexican restaurants but we hadn’t been since Houston!

Chuys has THE best dippage so we totally enjoyed that! We also HAD to get a Margarita as we were a day late as the day before was National Margarita Day.

Lynn and Mom P had a pomegranate and a strawberry margarita and I had a pink Cadillac which had lots of cranberry and lime. They were all delicious as we shoved chips and dips in our face!

I decided to do the soup and salad combo as I LOVE their chicken tortilla soup. The soup had so much chicken in it that I was able to add to my salad as well. It was a bit dry though so I didn’t eat all of it, but everything else was on point!

We are so grateful to Lynn’s Mom for coming down to spend the weekend with us as we searched for our gowns. We love her so much and I’m lucky to have such an incredible second Mom!

We also met with our friend Whitney during the afternoon while we ran another errand and gave her her boomf asking her to officially be my maid of honor! We didn’t get any pictures (only a video so keep eyes out) but I’m so glad she was willing to give up her Saturday afternoon as well to come see us for a few hours!

We went to bed at a decent hour again as we were exhausted! We sadly said goodbye to Mom P this morning and had a full day which I will tell you all about tomorrow! (I got in 7.5 miles of running and Lynn came with me! Proud of my girl!)

I hope everyone had an incredible weekend!


– How many dresses did you or a friend have to try on before they said Yes to the Dress?!

– I need recipes for an incredible Ceviche. GO!

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