Kiss the Trails + Proud + I’m back!

I saw this today and thought it was hilarious! Gave me a Monday Morning laugh and something Bella would totally do! I just love little Doxies!

Yesterday was awesome! We sadly said goodbye to Mom Papke (was that only yesterday?!) and then I made scrambled eggs and pancakes for breakfast! Sadly it all got devoured so quickly that I didn’t get pics, but it was delicious!

After breakfast we headed to the trails! I almost got down and kissed them as it was the first time I’ve gone since I got injured before Christmas! I filled up my GU bottle and we headed out the door!

Lynn drank almost all of my GU hydration water after we were done, so you know it’s good stuff! I need more!

It was a beautiful day, and I was so so so happy to be there! I said goodbye to Lynn and headed out for at least a 5 mile run. I was very proud of my sweet girl as she walked/ran almost 4.5 miles!

I did two out and backs and equaling 5 miles, but didn’t see Lynn. So, I headed out for another 2.5 trying to find her and found her on the way back.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really feeling the run yesterday although I wanted to with all my heart! I reminded myself how badly I wanted to run the past few months when I couldn’t and that helped. I think my legs were just a bit tired still as it was 4 weeks – 1 Marathon – 2 Half Marathons. Plus, this was the first time I’d ran without all the excitement of a race.

I felt great when I was done, and was very proud of my girl!

I was super annoyed at my Apple Watch. Once again it stopped about a minute and a half into the run so I don’t have mile splits. As a runner that is the epitome of awful! I need a new watch. That minute and a half was at an 8:08 pace though. LOL

We headed to HEB after as we hadn’t been shopping since before the NOLA half marathon two weeks ago! We prepared for the worst but because we were there around noon we beat the church crowd.

We spent a decent amount, but loaded up and got all things healthy!

This is one of my favorite parts of HEB but I passed it up as I still have almonds and flax seed sitting on my desk at work!

I forgot how crazy I looked with my bun going in every direction as I slacked at Bobby pins before the trail and it was all over the place!

Today was a typical Monday but we were both on a high from the weekend (although we were tired).

I will have some more fun wedding things coming our way soon so stay tuned!

I headed to the gym after work as I wanted to get 3 miles in on the treadmill and do some core work!

I could feel yesterday’s run just a tad so I started the first mile out a little conservative and sped up the second and third. The final half mile was at a 7:30 pace and I felt great the whole time! I don’t love the treadmill but this run was enjoyable. I kept pushing up the speed every so often, so being able to break it up like that and do a bit of interval felt great! Yeah!

I hit replay on Meant to Be (Shown above) probably 5 times 🙂 Love that song as it always reminds me of road trips Lynn and I took in Virginia!

It’s pretty funny when you get off the treadmill and see Bobby pins from your hair on the floor. 9:13 average pace… conservative and felt great. I’ll take it!

After the treadmill, I headed to the opposite part of the gym and did corework. Everything from planks, reverse sit ups, etc… probably 6 different exercises with 2 or 3 reps each. I’m determined to work on my core to become a better runner! I will be better at warm ups, cool downs and core work! Plus, a 6 pack never hurt anyone 🙂

I love where we live!!! This is the bottom of the stairs to where we can walk up to the gym at the hotel resort! I walked down just to take this picture! It’s beautiful ( minus the work they are doing on it with caution tape)

Super excited to see that our friends and family are starting to get our Save the Dates! This is from one of my bridesmaids Rachael! She worked with me a decade ago or more and we’ve been friends since! What’s ironic is she went to the same school that Lynn went to although she was a year younger and they didn’t come in too much contact. Small world!

Looking forward to a great week and getting back in my running and gym routines!


-What was the best part of your weekend?

– What motivated you this Monday?

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