Determined + Run Lucky + Save the Dates + Scallywompus Giveaway alert – Stay tuned! I

Happy Wednesday! I can’t believe it’s almost March! The weekends go by fast, but the weeks go by even faster at times! Wow!

I saw the above and got a chuckle. Lord knows I’m guilty of telling the other 99%…. over and over and over and…..

As I’ve mentioned, my chiropractor has told me my core is super super weak, and I’m determined to make it as strong as possible! I know this will help with my running so this is a huge focus of mine right now.

I did a few miles yesterday on the treadmill, but my legs were sore and after three days in a row it’s been humbling getting back in the grove! I just want to be as fast and as strong (and even faster and better) than I was when I got injured, but I know it will take time! I DO know that I’m going to put a lot of time and effort into being strong, strong, strong and that I’ll come back better! At least that’s what I’m telling myself! Lol

So, treadmill running and core work along with getting my hamstrings and glutes back has been what I’ve been working on this week! Something funny? Second workout in a row where I saw a bobby pin on the floor. What can I say, leaving my mark!

I’ve been putting Glutmine in some G2 when I get home to help the muscle healing process. Hey, any help can’t hurt! You can buy this under MY GEAR or CLICK HERE TO GO DIRECTLY TO PAGE

Random, but a Wednesday favorite…. Have you ever tried Kevita Kombucha? It is seriously so good. This one reminded me of a Moscow Mule. Yum! They have a lemon ginger that is my top pick right now!

Remember this Save The Date (Post HERE)?

We told our friends and family to send us pictures as they received and some have responded. Super exciting!!

Sarah, Liz, Joel, Rachel and Elizabeth are our favorite right now as they sent us pics above. I need pictures from 70 other people, STAT! I kid, I kid….. we are so lucky to have such incredible friends and family and we can’t wait to share such a special day with all of you! My best friend Liz, unfortunately, had booked a 10 year anniversary cruise before we selected our wedding date. The nerve! She will be coming to our bachelorette though so all is forgiven. 🙂

I had a VERY VERY important package waiting for me at home. I literally hugged the box when I saw Brooks on the front. I got my lucky Shamrock shoes which are completely sold out! I LOVE them! They have silver and gold colors with the vibrant greens. I can’t wait to wear them and I’m sure they will make me super fast! Riiigggghhhttt?! #runhappy #runlucky

Lynn accompanied me to the gym tonight (Proud of her) and we were starving when we got home! I had marinated some Ahi Tuna steaks, so I pan seared them and whipped up some roasted green beans and of course a salad, but not a family sized for me tonight, more of a share size. Ha!

It. Was. Delicious! We loved this dish and I’ve already got it on my shopping list for our next HEB adventure! Yum!

I will have a fun giveaway tomorrow for a free race entry into a Scallywompus race so stay tuned on how to win. Scallywompus races are a blast, from the packet pickup to the after part. Especially the after party. Enchanted rock at 9am anyone?! Proud to be the senior ambassador for them! #scallywompusnation

How has everyone’s week been? Big plans for the weekend? I need to know!

See you at the start line!

8 thoughts on “Determined + Run Lucky + Save the Dates + Scallywompus Giveaway alert – Stay tuned! I

  1. Awesome stuff going on there! This week has been too busy here–baseball, basketball, cheerleading practice, track practice, and self defense (I have three very active kids!) Today is my daughter’s first high school track meet, and I can’t wait. I have a 5k trail run on Saturday that should be fun. I’ve added track workouts since the last one, so hopefully my time drops. Have a great weekend!

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