My Everything Hurts + Scallywompus Race Giveaway + Dog gone cute

The post above came in from Mom P. Apparently Wrigley got his Save The Date and wanted his picture taken to say that he had it on his calendar! Isn’t he cute!?!?!?? He’s such a little old man. This pup will even put himself to bed at night when he is tired! Insert hearts here!

Wrigley also had a hard time reading the fine print on the Save The Date so he had to put on his glasses! Buahahahaha!

Okay, okay…. I know I know! He’s just so cute! However, I have to show you one more precious pup! Sassy Bella!

She fell asleep on me like a human, and as I was taking her picture she looked right up at me. She couldn’t have been any closer to the camera! Ha!

So, this getting back in shape and adding a ton of core work in has made my everything hurt. Yes, everything. If I would’ve had a drink for every time I said “ouch” this morning, I’d have been drunk buy 6:52am.

I’m really excited about the soreness though as I’m feeling it in muscles I know need the work to get stronger. Oh yeah, and every muscle in my body! Every “ouch” is a reminder of growth and strength. I’m excited!

Have you ever had dried seaweed? You should! It took me a few pieces to get over the fishy taste, but it has a mesquite smoke flavor and I ended up eating 4 or 5 pieces and enjoyed. I brought the rest home for Lynn to try, but it’s still in my car. Sorry babe, I’ll remember to grab tomorrow!

The day was busy and good, especially lunch! My vegetable obsession has been anything beets for the past several months, and all it needs is a bit of salt and I can eat an entire can. When I saw that roasted carrots and beets were on the menu today, I pretty much made that my meal (with a piece of chicken). So so so so good!

I had planned on hitting the gym right away when I got home but I ran into Lynn on the way out of the garage. She wanted to go as well so I went upstairs and waited for her to change.

The only thing that I hadn’t worked out completely this week was my arms, so I worked on triceps tonight and they are now talking the same language as all my other muscles. I also wanted to get a few miles in on the treadmill!

This is how it went down:

Mile warmup at 9:30 pace

.50 mile 7:30 pace

.25 mile 6:58 pace

Stop and try not to puke

.25 mile at 9:30 pace

.50 mile 7:30 pace

.25 mile 6:43 pace

Throw myself on the floor and try not to die

So three miles total with some speed work, and it was hard but felt good. I can’t wait for some time to pass to get my endurance back and for longer time periods. I have a 5k next weekend I’m going to try just to get my feet wet again then I’ll have a base to start from again! Yeah!

I wore my Austin 13.1 finisher shirt from last weekend and felt good knowing I finished that race feeling good! This shirt is one of my new favorites 🙂

I love all the cool things that make the race and Austin unique in the shape of Texas.

Something else I’m excited about is that BibRAVE contacted me and wanted me to apply to represent them and as a blogger leave reviews on races and products in exchange for products and race entries. I’ve heard about BibRAVE for years, but they are never accepting new applications it seems so I was stoked they reached out! Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!

Immediately after the workout tonight I had some of my Glutamine while I got to work on dinner. I made baked cod with lemon and threw mine on top of a family sized salad. I put Lynn’s together with leftover corn and some marinated mushrooms. She’s been on the phone with her best friend for two hours, however, so I’ve heated up her plate three times and she hasn’t even tried to cod yet. I’m making her eat a lunchable for dinner tomorrow!

Kidding, I’m glad she got to catch up with her as I know how important her friends are. With wedding planning, etc there is so much to talk about!

The cod was actually delicious and I’m excited to make it again and branch out with more recipes. Notice more beets on my salad?!

Okay, so now for a pretty amazing giveaway! As I’ve mentioned IN THIS POST FROM DECEMBER I’m the senior ambassador for a super fun group that puts on a ton of very popular and very organized races a year, ScallyWompus Events

They put on almost a race a month in the 13.1/10k/5k distances and are in different parts of San Antonio and surrounding towns.

The next two you can sign up for are San Marcos 13.1/10k/5k on March 10th and Wanderlust 13.1/10k/5k on April 6th and if you use code ROADRUNNERCHICK15 you’ll get 15% off on your race!

However, if you want the chance to win a free race entry for either race and your choice of distance, you’ll need to do the following (and it’s totally worth it!);

– Follow this blog via email

– Follow me on Instagram at @roadrunnerchic1

– Follow Scallywompus Events on Instagram at @Scallywompus Events

– Comment on my Instagram or blog which distance and race you’d like to run and for each friend you tag you get an extra entry!

Scallywompus is a ton of fun, and has an awesome after party so sign up today, enter to win and let’s meet for a picture to put on the blog!!!!

Have a great night, and hope to see you at the Start Line!

I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!

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