Poke Bowl for the win + More Save the Dates + Wedding Fun

The past few days have been a lot of fun as we are starting to cross more things off of our list!

We have solidified our Photographer, who is absolutely incredible, and I will be posting about that as soon as we sign a contract. Very exciting!

Something else really exciting? When more people receive our Save the Dates like Ximena! She is a school counselor at Lynn’s school and is a lot of fun. She feels me on the running side of things and we both agree that it’s all about the bling! Ximena is the one that told me about THIS 5k… Recap here and took this picture… as she was walking the course and saw me coming through. I was third overall female and second in age group. I got beat by a 10 year old. Ha!

Lynn’s cousin Sarah got her Save The Date and sent us this picture! So excited to meet her and she is in our wedding party so will be a ton of fun!

I texted one of my bridesmaids, Kristy, yesterday and she confirmed she received as well! I miss that girl as we met working together in Virginia and she is one of the funniest people I know! Lynn and I enjoyed hanging out with her and she is missed! Will be so glad to see her again! She was even at my proposal as she just happened to be walking around at the right place right time… smacking on a grilled cheese sandwich. Was hilarious! My other friends Jeremy and Tabbatha were there as well!

I offered to make or pick up dinner last night. So, I naturally made the choice to pick up! I was craving a poke bowl and found this heavenly place, Hula Poke! You get to make your very own bowl or wrap by selecting the ingredients. I was drooling as soon as I walked in and wanted it all! I already told Lynn I want that for dinner on Sunday!

I did, however, add some more Kale and onion to my salad to make it my norm of family sized! Was soooooooo good!

I had a few minutes home alone before Lynn arrived as she was taking pictures for a friend that just had a baby. Proud of my girl and excited to see the pictures! So, I took the opportunity to address some things that my bridesmaids need to be on the lookout for (pics and videos opening please, trust me). I still had a few more minutes so I decided the pups needed a wardrobe change!

I pulled out the T for Emmy, and the saying is appropriate. She is currently hiding under the bed for going to the bathroom on the floor. 15 minutes after we took her outside. Shaking my head.

I knew the weather was getting cold so I pulled out a sweater for Bella.

When we went to bed, Bella apparently passed out like a drunk human and had her sweater halfway down like a tube top! I laughed so hard when Lynn showed me these pictures she took last night as I fell asleep quick as well!

We are headed to Fredericksburg to see our beautiful venue and to plan over some wine. We will try to hit up some other places as well and check off a few other boxes while there.

Can’t wait to marry this girl! Day of fun today, and gym and trails are on our list tomorrow. Plus, I have a fun new GU flavor to tell you about as they sent to us ambassadors first! I love being the sole TX ambassador for a company I love and believe in!

See you at the start line!

-What are you up to this weekend?

– What advice would you have for us in wedding planning?!

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