New GU Flavor – Hoppy Trails + Day in Fredericksburg at venue, brewery and distillery

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone had an incredible weekend!

This is how my morning started off! I was busy shoving yogurt in my face and didn’t realize I had my oatmeal in the microwave for too long. Whoops!

We also had one of the cutest We received your Save the Date picture sent to us from little Lucy 🙂 Notice the super elegant Returned for Postage in a very romantic red stamped on the front?! Yeah, we sent it without a stamp and it got returned. Whoops! However, we didn’t have extra so we had to slap a stamp on it and send as is. Funny story, right?! Wait till the couple gets the one with the white out…. haha!

Something I’ve been super super excited to tell you all about is a new GU flavor that was just released on Friday! IPA anyone?!

GU sent me a package before it was released to try it out and I love it! Hoppy Trails anyone?!

Naturally I had to do something clever with introducing this amazing new flavor to all of you! SOooooo we took it on a road trip to a distillery where they served bourbon, wine and beer! Mix in some Hoppy Trails GU and everything was perfect. Yes there is 0% ABV, but it fuels your body in the way we need as athletes. Then, you can enjoy a cold beer at the finish line once GU has done its job fueling you to get there!

Bitter is Better! #hoppytrails #guforit I have a link in MY GEAR or you can click below. Its selling out fast!
GU Energy Hoppy Trails Gel

We went to Garrison Brothers Distillery in Fredericksburg as we wanted to spend some time in the town we are getting married! We only planned on hanging out for a few minutes but were there for several hours!

It was super cold but they had several fire pits and we were able to snag some chairs!

Lynn was being sassy and I snapped this picture. I love it and it is now my new screensaver!

The distillery was so much fun as they had live music and something super cool called an honor system. You grab a drink and leave some cash in a box! Love it!

We got hungry so we got a frito pie from the bbq food truck they had onsite. It was actually pretty good! I threw some pickles and marinated carrots and jalapeños on there just because!

Micah, who was playing the live music, tried to play our song and was super awesome to talk to. I teared up when he played it over the speakers as he tried to learn the chorus. I can’t wait to marry the most amazing person I’ve ever met. I’m truly, truly lucky. Truly!

After the distillery we went to Barons Creek Vineyards where we are getting married in….

But who is counting 🙂 We had a bit of wine and just talked. Was nice!

Something super funny happened while we were chit chatting. I had gone to get a blanket from the car because it was so cold, and apparently when I flipped it open one of Bella’s toys fell out. We didn’t notice it until Lynn happened to see it on the ground!

We ate at Alstadt for dinner before heading home. We really enjoyed the day!

This morning I hit the gym. I wanted to go to the trails but it was VERY windy! I did some corework and a few miles on the treadmill. I have to go to the trails tomorrow as the dreadmill is going to be the death of me. I. Can’t. Do. It! LOL

I wore the shirt I won from getting all 4 bags in playing corn hole at the Austin marathon expo. Love it!

While at HEB this morning I grabbed a few new protein drinks for after the workout. Lynn and I shared this one after the gym and we loved it!!!! Want to try all the flavors and you can check them out here
Rebbl Protein Drink

I also wore my super fancy rainbow Brooks! Love them!

Hope everyone has a great start to the week!


– What were you up to this weekend?

– What is your favorite protein drink

3 thoughts on “New GU Flavor – Hoppy Trails + Day in Fredericksburg at venue, brewery and distillery

  1. Ahhhh I did that with my oatmeal last week too (and rarely overflow it)… must have been something in the air. Oohhhh I love the Hoppy Trails mixed with the brews!! Too cool!! I’ve gotta check those out. Y’all always find the best things to do!! And can we talk about those epic Brooks shoes?!?!

    – Hmm this past weekend we didn’t do much with the school load, but it was still nice & relaxing!
    – I don’t drink protein drinks often, but I love no cow protein bars!!
    Thanks for sharing, Taushah! Always enjoy your updates.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You and I are the same person! Lol!
      I’m going to bust out my epic lucky shoes next week…. they better make me fast!
      You’ve had some pretty awesome adventures yourself lately! I want to try all the food you eat and see all the places you see 🙂

      Have a great weekend Mackenzie!

      Liked by 1 person

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