Hell froze over in San Antonio (I kid) + We booked a Photographer + Outside Run + Random from past few days

Saw the above yesterday and laughed! This is kind of relevant to any distance in running if you ask me!

It’s official, hell froze over in San Antonio. It’s been soooooooo cold! I took my clothes to go to the trails Monday, and it was 20 with wind and felt miserable. I had all intentions of then going to the gym treadmill, but decided to stay home and wedding plan instead. Whoops!

Yesterday was miserable as well, same temp but cloudy…. I couldn’t get the picture to load. Even my phone didn’t believe how cold it was apparently.

I feel guilty complaining as I see some of my running buds getting their miles in with -20 degree temps with their eyelashes completely frozen. I need to get a grip! Funny thing is, this is my favorite race weather. I guess when someone isn’t handing me Gatorade and a free banana on a Sunday, it’s harder for me to get out the door after work on a Monday 🙂

Few more weeks into this and I’ll be back to my “but I’ll feel guilty if I don’t get a run today” mentality. Bring it!!!

The other night I made (what else) a family sized salad, but I roasted some eggplant to add. Was. So. Good! Lynn loved as well, so double score!

We officially booked a photographer and I will be posting all about that tomorrow, so stay tuned! He is incredibly talented and we are so honored to get to work with him! Yeah!

Have you ever had the mini Ben & Jerry cups? I got us each one at the store this weekend in case we had a craving. They lasted one night and man what a tease! Was actually perfect. You know, all 5 bites.

As you know, I’ve complained about the workout function on my apple watch stalling out and freezing for most of my runs. I contacted them and they sent me a new one, and I switched out bands with a new one I’ve never used. Love it! Wish I could’ve upgraded to the series 4, but still love this one!

I finally finished this giant bag of Smokehouse Blue Diamond Almonds today. These are so satisfying and I literally have to put them out of reach so I don’t eat a whole bag at once.

My sweet girl surprised me by rolling up to work around 4:30pm just to say hi and give me a hug. She then did the most romantic thing ever, she said she was going to Hula Poke to pick us up Poke bowls for dinner!

As you know from THIS POST I picked us up dinner from there last week and was in hog heaven.

I pretty much told her to put everyone in my bowl but the kitchen sink, and she didn’t disappoint.

It was so many toppings that I had to put it in a big bowl to mix, and realized the toppings to lettuce and kale ratio wasn’t right, so I threw in some Romain (was out of kale at home)

This salad was life and weighed like ten pounds. I ate about 75% of it and I put it away to finish tomorrow (with more lettuce and toppings I’m sure), yum!!! You know it’s a big salad if I don’t lick the bowl! I had to refuel though…. as I was able to get a run in today!!!!!!!!!

I sucked it up after work, changed and headed to the trails. I was super excited as I had only ran outside once since my injury as the rest of the last few weeks has been on a dreadmill.

Look how pretty the evening was starting to be and how beautiful the trees were! I felt great and couldn’t wait to turn on my jams, and see if the new Apple Watch could do its thang!

I did 4 miles with a half mile cool down after (not recorded). Once again humbled by the loss of speed and endurance but I’ll get it back! Coming back stronger than ever!

I have a 5k this weekend and it definitely won’t be my best, but first one back healthy and a good start to get back in the game!

I’m still going to give it all like I did for this Turkey Trot several months ago and if I don’t fall down at the finish and lay in the grass, then I didn’t give it my all! HA!

Tomorrow another 4 miles!

See you at the start line!

Questions –

– How long did it take you to get speed back after an injury?

– What is your favorite running song right now? I need some new music!

2 thoughts on “Hell froze over in San Antonio (I kid) + We booked a Photographer + Outside Run + Random from past few days

  1. Jason Wiederstein

    Wow, you write a blog post nearly every day? This is great! Last year when my wife and I went to California for the Heartbreak Ridge Half we stopped at BJ’s for lunch and I got this amazing Poke Soba Noodle dish. They don’t have it here though. I’ve recreated it with butternut squash spirals (or the veggie spaghetti), chow mean noodles, pico, avocado and sushimi tuna.

    This also reminded me about the bib from that run so I’ll share that in the ambassador group now!

    As for music, I’m digging Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 soundtrack, You’re the Best Around (from The Karate Kid soundtrack) and Lovin’ Every Minute of It by Loverboy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This comment was in my spam for some reason, so I just saw it! So good to hear from you and thanks for remembering the bib. Super cool idea and glad you brought it up! I’ll have to try poke with butternut squash.. I LOVE that stuff!!!!
      As for your music, I’ll have to listen to those tunes recommended and add to my running list!
      Thanks for sharing Jason! Was so awesome to meet you a few weeks ago!


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