Shopping Trip Favs + Gym + Cake tasting, Bridesmaid & Baby Shower + 5k Scallywompus Eve in San Marcos

Happy Saturday friends!

Doesn’t everyone use a sunglasses Instagram filter while they are catching their breath while at the gym… Yeah, me neither.

It’s so crazy how today is actually humid and almost too warm! Monday was 20 degrees and today is 80. I see friends on Instagram posting pictures of runs and races from the weekend and they are tracking through snow and ice. Crazy!

So, yesterday I did just a few min on the treadmill to get heart rate up then worked on core. You already know my deep heartfelt feelings about the dreadmill so the above was absolutely true! It might as well be called Satan’s sidewalk. Just sayin’

Something else that feels like hell are planks. I’m up to doing three sets of 2 minutes each, so that is progress, but I despise every second. I always turn on my stopwatch (via iPhone) when I get in place and I swear to all things holy, a 12 hour work day goes by faster than those 120 seconds. By the end of the third set I’m shaking like there is an earthquake going on. That is all! Anything though for a stronger core and a six pack that doesn’t have an abv percentage.

Yesterday was International Women’s day and I appreciate all those that are in my life wether family, friend or acquaintance. We can all learn and appreciate something about those in our life. Instead of worrying about superficial things, we should focus on what makes us invincible!

Something else pretty…. as in pretty freaking tasty… was this nectarine! Yes, that’s me eating at my desk with my training journal on the side to keep me motivated!

I’m pretty pumped about tomorrow’s Scallywompus Events 5k. I didn’t sign up for the half (also offered as well as a 10k) as the next one I do I want to be extremely prepared! Excited to be back running to make that happen! This 5k is just to get a base, and to go up from there. No expectations. Plus seems a bit hilly from elevation chart above. Good ol’ hill country.

I also have a plan for working on 5k speed and have a plan typed up, written and posted to our chalkboard and will be following religiously! Speed, I’m coming for you!

This is the elevation chart for the Austin Rattler 33k I will complete April 14th. This is a race I was able to enter as an ambassador of GU and am excited. This will help keep me accountable for my 50 miler May 4th. So aggravating that my injury cost me three months of training, so my goal will be to complete that one in one piece. I say that now, I’ll have time goals as it gets closer!

Last nights dinner was washed down with a Diet Coke mixed with Glutamine after the workout. I mean, I was craving carbonation, why not!

The fiancé got ya Poke bowls again. I may be addicted. I did something that I’ve never done before…. I ate it as is without adding a ton of other things. Well, I added a bit of apple cider vinegar and lemon pepper, but it was perfect the way it was. I could eat it again for dinner tonight!

I went to the gym this morning and mostly just stretched. I have really tight hip flexors and hamstrings so wanted to work on them a bit. Trying to loosen up a bit for tomorrow’s race. I have no idea how I’ll race, but I know what I will and won’t be happy with.

I ate steel cut oats (two helpings) for breakfast. I forget how good oatmeal is and I bought more for my breakfast next week as a change from other things. So so so so good and sticks to your bones! Yum!

After breakfast and gym, headed to HEB for some veggies, protein and few odds and ends. As you know we are in love with fresh salmon and ahi tuna… and tilapia and shrimp, etc…. Can’t. Get. Enough

Ran into some fun new things as I was perusing the aisles… one by one… to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Found a few fun things, but be proud, I didn’t buy!

Something I did buy was my favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream which HEB NEVER carries. It was put there for me, I couldn’t walk away from it!

I then saw a new flavor that had cherry and a hint of almond… I LOVE LOVE almond flavor. We might even do that for our wedding cake!

Speaking of wedding cake, we have a tasting this Wednesday night! Super excited, so the fiancé and I need to get our crap together and solidify what we want. For the most part. It’s just so hard…. so many pretty cakes and delicious flavors!

I was glad to run out of HEB and head back home! I wrapped all bags on my arms, got second workout of the day waddling through our parking garage, elevator and hallway to avoid a second trip. Doesn’t everyone do that?!

Something else exciting?! One of my oldest and dearest friends Brenda got her Boomf today! She sent us a video of her opening it and some cute pictures! We love you Brenda and are so grateful you will be part of big day!

One more exciting thing, Melanie (who is pregnant with a baby girl) got her baby shower gifts! We are so excited for the baby shower in a few weeks. We love her and she is sooooo funny! Lynn and her used to work together and she even visited us in Virginia! We had a beer at Millers which is where Dave Mathews got his start. Brother Bear Erik was visiting us as well. I miiiissssss Charlottesville and can’t wait to go back and visit!

Don’t forget, tonight is Spring forward time change. Will be interesting for tomorrow’s race, glad I don’t have expectations! Lol

Have a great rest of your Saturday!


– Do you like Spring forward or Fall Back time change better?

– What is your go-to for breakfast?

– Do you like grocery shopping?

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