We picked our Wedding Photographer and DJ + He does it all + Dempag Photography for the win

Hello world, please meet Yale Bernadotte, owner of Dempag Photography.

Disclaimer – All photos belong to and were created by Dempag photography. Yale is incredible and I asked permission to use the pictures below to show off his skills, and to brag that he is officially our wedding photographer and so much more!

As you know, we are knee deep into the wedding planning. Finding an amazing photographer has been at the top of our list! There are many good ones out there, but we wanted someone amazing! Not only that, but someone who communicated and we felt comfortable with asking questions, opinions, etc leading up to our big day.

I came across Dempag Photography while perusing the internet and trying to find the very best photographer for our special day. Once I came across the website, I absolutely fell in love with his pictures. They are exceptional and every one I looked at was my new favorite. From the lighting, candid to posed moments, backgrounds, absolutely everything…. I knew this was who I wanted! I showed Lynn his Website and Instagram and we were both in agreement. We had to have Yale Bernadotte!

About Dempag (Through Yale’s words)…

Dempag is all about capturing life’s great adventures…

Through the years I’ve learned that I truly excel at one thing professionally… weddings. I love weddings. The joy, chaos, tears, love, family, all of it. I feel so blessed every time a couple chooses  Dempag to help make their day amazing for them. It is an honor I cherish and put my all into for each and every wedding. 

Taking photos is the easy part. What sets us apart from others is our passion for not just the photography, but for the entire wedding. From the moment we get there our job is to make sure that your entire day goes smoothly and exactly as you want it to.

As I was stalking him on the internet, I found an amazing ARTICLE and it made us want to work with him even more!

Yale was so much fun to communicate with, and was super fast to respond to any and all questions. Like super hero speed.

Once we began to communicate, I learned that Yale was much more than just an amazing photographer, he also does an incredible job as a DJ and MC as well! Did I mention he also provides a photo booth?!

We can’t wait to work with Yale for the most magical day of our lives! His reviews are incredible and something comforting to us is how much not only the wedding party loves him, but the guests as well! He is truly a jack of all trades and we are lucky to work with such talent! Plus, he’s pretty funny! Humor is important as we love to laugh. A lot.

Did I mention Dempag Photography has won a ton of awards?!

If you have any photography needs, check out his website and book today! Yale is everything you could ever want for your wedding or event!

See you at the Altar!

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