Speedwork and Core workout to start week + Feeling good + 5 New Favorites + Wunderlust 5k in Fredericksburg TX

Lynn and I went to bed a little late last night. Why? Because we got looking at Pinterest. You know how one thing leads to another, which leads to something else…. and before you know it you are looking at Dachshunds dressed as ducks or running on a treadmill.

As I left for work yesterday I laughed to myself when I realized it’s Christmas in March still at our house. We really should throw the pine candy cane wreath away…. maybe before April!

Yesterday was a rest/cross training day so I took advantage of the gym and spent an hour working on strengthening my core. My chiropractor will be proud. I used the medicine balls quite a bit and am now up to 2 minute planks for two in a row, and a minute for the third. That’s a home run for this girl!

I made salmon for dinner along with green beans. I threw mine on top of my typical 12 pounds of veggies and pores Lynn’s with some fresh avocado. *Caution, food on plate is smaller than it appears. Salad is enough to feed a small family.

Today’s Run was speedwork at the Track. My legs were still a bit tight from Sunday’s hill workout, so making a change for next week. I will sandwich my 5-7 mile easy runs (with strides) around track on Wednesday instead of track Tuesday then those runs. Think it will make a lot of difference!

I can’t tell you all how grateful I am to be over my injuries earlier this year and back to a solid place. I’m going to work so hard this year to see what is possible! I’m also so lucky that there are several tracks to run at in the city.

When we lived in Virginia I used to utilize the UVA track, and it was stunning! However, it was only open to the public from 7pm-9pm so that was tough to work around some nights. Especially when it was freezing in the winter. I’m from Texas Y’all:)

So today’s Run started with a two mile warmup. Feels good to be back under 9 min for comfortable warmup miles.

I did a mile at 5k pace and was happy with my pace. Now to do 3 of these in a row…. and to get under 7 min per mile! In due time!

I then did a mile at a 9 min pace to shake out legs and geared up for 4 X 400s

I was happy with my pace as each one was faster than the previous. I then did a 1.5 mile cool down at a 9:42 pace.

Today’s workout was 6.5 total miles.

Felt a bit worn out, but felt amazing as I always do after the track. I was also super excited as my incredible fiancé picked up Hula Poke for dinner. #imaluckygirl

5 Favorites

** This shirt Lynn bought me st the Austin Marathon Expo

** This 5k I’ll be running in Fredericksburg in 2.5 weeks. I hope it’s not hilly as the last one kicked my butt! So looking forward to a flat one in a few months to see if I can hit goal time! I’m doing the 5k as the weekend after I’ll be running the Austin Rattler 33k

USE CODE ROADRUNNERCHICK15 FOR 15% OFF! Come run with me and sign up for either the 5k/10k/13.1 HERE

** American Idol!!!! We are addicted to this season and love the three judges, especially Katy Perry! I think Lynn says she loves her about 38 times per episode. We are so enjoying watching it together and have laughed a ton!

** This Red Bull I chugged this morning! Not the best to drink regularly, but was much needed after going to bed late looking at Dachshunds kissing babies and swimming while dressed like a shark.

** This recovery mix. Acquired taste but it’s all about fueling correctly after a run. Link is in MY GEAR along with a lot of my other favorites.

I’m about to go devour my Poke Bowl! Hope everyone has a great rest of your night!


– Do you watch American Idol? Who is your favorite judge?

– Are you more of a cold weather or warm weather runner if you have to choose?

– What’s one of your favorite shirts to wear and what is the memory behind it?

I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!

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