Fighting off a cold + two easy 5 mile runs with elevation + How did I not know + Des Linden Motivation

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling a bit tired (I’m not complaining, fiancé!), and I couldn’t shake it. Lynn was fighting a cold as well so I was hoping I wasn’t coming down with something.

I made us both a bowl of steel cuts oats with some goodies on top, gave her some meds and we were out the door for work. That was the first time we woke up with enough time to eat breakfast together before work in weeks. It was nice to spend a bit more time together in the morning.

I double fisted a kickstart and a quad vanilla latte. I’d never had a kickstart before, but it tasted like carbonated orange soda. Wasn’t bad, but something I wouldn’t drink on a normal basis. I prefer coffee and sugar free Red Bull 🙂

As I changed into my Brooks before my run yesterday, I couldn’t find my headband. Thought maybe I left it at home until I started walking and felt something in my right shoe. Yup, the hunt for my headband was over! I take my clothes to work and change there, so it must’ve fallen into my shoe as things moved around in the bag.

I was NOT feeling like running as i was still feeling pretty sluggish. However, I wasn’t feeling bad enough to bail so I headed to the trails to get my 5 miles in.

I took one of my Nanohydr8 extreme and I’ll be honest, I felt great for the first two miles! I listened to the rest of the podcast below featuring Des Linden

There were so many motivational pieces to this and I got the feels several times!

– Failure is a stepping stone to success

– There is no hack to running. You just have to put in the work. It’s always going to be, right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot and repeat

– Desi’s famous quote of “keep showing up”

– You get what you put in, no excuses

– Set big goals and love the work that gets you to them

Two of my favorite Des quotes :

So, as I was starting to feel the sluggishness creep back in after two miles, I kept telling myself “left foot, right foot, repeat!” It was supposed to be an easy pace 5 mile recovery run after the Tuesday track speed workout. It was a 9:13 average pace and felt much harder than it should have. However, I was grateful for the motivation in the podcast as I needed that to carry me through. I also knew I’d have been disappointed with myself had I not gone out to run.

I made fish tacos for dinner when I got home and was very happy that Lynn loved! You can’t see all the deliciousness on the taco, but it’s there! I marinated and grilled the tilapia, then grilled some raw tortillas for that fresh factor. The tacos have mango pico de Gallo, onions, fresh cilantro and avocado. Paired with leftover green beans it was a home run!

My morning started out with a sore throat, achy body and daytime medicine. I couldn’t shake it, but came out of the funk about noon and took a second dose. Lynn and I both do a pretty good job of listening to our bodies when we feel a cold coming on, and I think it helps that we try to get rest and take medicine early.

I saw the above as I was scrolling through something today and was again motivated. I was actually NOT thinking about bailing today, but it did push me out the door a little faster to get today’s 5 mile run with lots of elevation checked off!

I tried a new GU flavor today. Not my favorite, but tasted exactly as you’d think. Chocolate Outrage is still my favorite! I was glad I had as with the heat, hills and fatigue… I needed this to power me through . #guforit

I ended up running from work, down a street that is very hilly and I can cut through a bridge and twist down to hit the trail I run on all the time. I also knew there would be a water fountain at the almost halfway point!

I felt surprisingly good but kept the pace easy.

My phone died, so I was psyching myself up to run without music when I learned something new!!! I put in my AirPods and was able to listen to some music straight from my Apple Watch! Without my phone!!!!! I didn’t know that was possible and I was so excited! How did I not know?!

I am a bit nervous running with these vs my Bose though as if one falls out I’m afraid I’ll lose it. I wouldn’t race with them either as if it falls out, I’d have to stop and lose precious seconds to pick up. Just sayin! Still want my Garmin 🙂

Tomorrow is supposed to be my rest day, but since we are out of town for a baby shower and photo shoot (proud fiancé) Saturday, I’m going to get my 10 miler in tomorrow afternoon instead so I don’t have to rush that morning. I’ll pop some more meds tonight and hope that no more sore throat or sleepiness takes place tomorrow!

I will have a few super fun giveaways next week so keep checking back to find out what it is! Hint hint above!


– What do you do when you start to feel a cold coming on?!

– Favorite motivational book?

– What are some of the mantras you repeat to yourself during a hard run or workout?

4 thoughts on “Fighting off a cold + two easy 5 mile runs with elevation + How did I not know + Des Linden Motivation

  1. That oatmeal looks awesome!! How do you make your steel cut oats? I accidentally bought a whole thing of them, but I’ve never made them before (I usually just use quick or old fashioned).

    Wow, I love those quotes- thanks for sharing- they are super motivational & I’ll be remembering them. Loving the work that gets you to your goals is SO important, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard it phrased that way!

    Those tacos are restaurant worthy- YUM! I have never made fish tacos at home- not sure why because we make fish all the time?! So many ideas from this post!

    – When I start feeling a cold I load up on Airborne, tons of water, halls vitamin C drops, echinacea tea, and rest!
    – So this is really cheesy, but one of my favorite mantras is “Pain is temporary, pride is forever”… not pride as in bragging rights, but pride as in personal accomplishment of a goal! I probably think it whenever I hit that “wall” in running.

    Thanks for sharing, Taushah! I just love your blog & posts!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hellloooo Mackenzie!
      I’ll be honest… the steel cut oats were the instant microwaveable kind. So, I just added 3/4 cup of water for each little packet and put it in for 2:30. I do notice they are thicker than normal oatmeal, but they are pretty good!

      You should def try fish tacos… and I’m sure yours will be incredible and magazine picture worthy when you are all said and done 🙂
      I like your mantra… I’ll have to remember that one on the 50 miler coming up. Really like it!

      Thanks for sharing, have a great week!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ohhh so good to know! thank you!

        Aw! That’s so sweet of you to say- I don’t if I’ll get them that great, but I’ll definitely give it my best effort!!

        Have a great week too, girl!

        Liked by 1 person

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