Babies All Day + Easy Runs + Austin Rattler 33k + Hachie 50 Miler excitement + 100 posts

Happy Monday!

Saturday’s blog post marked my 100th post. Pretty exciting to think about how much fun it’s been! I’ve made a ton of connections, grown a lot while holding myself accountable as a runner, and have become a better speller. (Kidding)

Seriously though, hard to believe it’s only been 4 months since I started this blog and my INSTAGRAM. I’m so lucky for all the awesomeness that has come my way and I appreciate each one of you for reading, your advice, encouragement, etc! Some great people out there!

Saturday morning we visited our friends Cortney and Isaac as Lynn was doing a photo shoot for them. They just had their second daughter and they wanted some baby photos and updated ones as a family. Lynn took some incredible photos and I’m excited to see what they look like when she is done editing! They have a beautiful family!

I took two pictures of my own and Lynn said they were pretty good! Lol. Not too bad for a quick shot with a cell phone!

It was good to catch up with them, but we couldn’t hang out too long as we had a baby shower to get to after that! It was a day full of babies!

Our sweet sweet friend Melanie is having a baby girl and they are naming her Matilda, but calling her Tilly. Isn’t that just the cutest name ever? Isn’t this cake the cutest thing ever?!

Melanie is one of the sweetest and most genuine people I’ve ever met. She is so gracious and has such a big heart! Tilly is lucky to have such a great Mom!

They had some incredible food, but I forgot to take pictures except for the two items above. Best cheese balls ever! The mini bundt cakes were delicious.

We also got to see our friend Faith! She had her second daughter as well last year so it was great to catch up a bit and to see her! Faith is hilarious, we need to see her again soon!!!

After everything baby was done, we headed back to Lynn’s parents. We decided to stay the night to spend some time with them. Her Mom made some amazing food and got us some different flavors of Kombucha. Good stuff!

After catching up, sitting outside talking wedding while we watched brother bear Erik and Dad Papke play some ping pong, we headed inside to wind down.

I made a massive salad and then sprawled on the couch with Lynn and Bella and read about, what else, Running!

Emmy was also super tired!

Sunday morning I had 5 easy miles on my schedule. I was still a bit sore from Friday’s long run, but the weather was perfect and I was excited to hit the road.

I listened to Ali on the Run podcasts again, and one of the funniest ones I’ve listened to randomly played. This kept me so entertained during the run… you have to listen to it!

The only thing I don’t like about running at parent Papke’s, is the incline on the way back from any run. Sometimes you just want flat, ya know?!

I was drenched from the humidy but the run felt good! 9:31 pace per mile average!

This was the breakfast I started to make after my run. Sorry Mom Papke, I did clean it all up though and scraped the oatmeal back into my bowl. Wasn’t letting that nutritious stuff go to waste. Plus I know how clean their house is. Just sayin’

Once I got showered, we decided to give her brother his Boomf! He is going to officiate our wedding (can’t back out now, Erik!) so we officially asked him like we did our bridesmaids. We then picked each piece of confetti off the grass. Lol

Look at these amazing Boston Marathon Brooks!!! Yes, there is a count down for them as well like my Run Lucky ones, but I’ll wait till I qualify to put these on my feet! Boston is only a few weeks away, and I’m so excited to follow the race! I’m cheering for all my friends and any of you amazing people running it all the way from San Antonio!!!

So, after seeing Janae’s race recap and 50 miler finish, I am so so so excited and inspired (and terrified) to run my first 50 miler May 4th. I’m also glad I have the Austin Rattler 33k about 3 weeks before to throw a tough trail race my way. I did see that there is about 2100 feet of elevation for this 33k and I saw last years muddy, muddy pictures… so I’m also now excited/terrified of this race as well!

I seriously can’t tell you how truly excited I am for both races, and I am doing the homework I should’ve done a few months ago. The stupid injury set me back and I was mad, but I am preparing as much as possible now and I’m glad I have been doing all that I can the past month! I’m psyched!

I want to go to REI and get a hydration vest this week for the 33k. First aid stops are far apart, but for the 50 miler it won’t be as bad since it’s 5 loops so I’ll probably just carry a handheld for that race.

I’m so so so so excited, I seriously can’t wait to put myself through pure hell! Yeah!

I switched up my rest day today with tomorrow since I have inventory this week at work and tomorrow will be a late night! So, I did 5 miles along that new trail I found and am so excited to see they are actively working on it!

It was connected even more this time and I was able to go further! I stopped to turn around, and can’t wait to see how much further it goes! I will be able to get a lot of long runs done on these paths. This direction was a lot more up and down, but that is good for me!

Another easy run, and glad tomorrow is rest as I have 9 miles at the track Tuesday with 5 mile repeats at 10k pace and 2 mile warm ups/cools downs. That one is going to hurt!

Took a picture of the beautiful bluebonnets along the trail that are popping up everywhere! So pretty!

I also switched over to ultra and trail podcasts. This one was pretty good and got about half way though it. I’m officially going to be obsessed until race day. I apologize now to all of you and to Lynn! I do wish I would’ve had the extra few months for more build up!

Have a great week!

See you at the start line!


– What hydration vest do you use and what would you recommend?

– Any ultra tips you have, send my way!

– Do you like Kombucha? The one I’ve had that has been my favorite is a lemon ginger.

I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!

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