Mile Repeats + Recovery Run + Trail Runner Nation + Meb Keflezighi and Running Book Christmas with Giveaways to come

Happy Thursday everyone!

It’s been an extra day since I blogged, but with a crazy month end at work it’s been a few later than I’d like evenings. I almost forgot what Lynn looks like… who happens to be working late tonight! At least it’s almost Friday!

So, I’m officially obsessed with learning everything and listening to each podcast about Ultra Running I can find.

I found Trail Runner Nation and have listened to at least 10 of their podcasts. Since Tuesday.

I have a feeling that if I don’t die during this 50 miler in 36 days and 9 hours (who is counting) that I will have another something big up my sleeve again in the future. After I get some satisfaction from some major 5k and half marathon progress however!

Have you ever had the Naked Red Machine juice? I was craving something smoothie like while crunching numbers last night and this hit the spot! Yum!

I was pretty proud of myself, as even though I hit the track yesterday later than normal… I got my workout in. This is why I truly think having a schedule and a plan is helpful. The old me would’ve said, “eh, I’ll make it up next week”. Now, however, I would’ve felt guilty had I skipped as it’s on my board and needed checked off!

I had the above workout plan and so I changed in my clothes and headed to the track.

* 2 mile warm up at 9:38 pace average

* 5 mile repeats at 10k pace (proud that I did all 5!)

Then I did cut my 2 mile cool down to just over a mile as it was almost dark and they were about to kick us out. Pace was 11 minutes to shake it out!

I’ll be honest, the first two miles were the hardest. Once my legs were fired up though, miles 3-5 felt good! I wanted to stay very consistent with my pace as I’m staying true to each workout and the purpose behind it.

Average for the 5 miles was an 8:04 pace. I’ll take it! I looked trashed though! Tired and sweaty, but so happy I went!

I chugged a ton of water and then ate a few handfuls of these mini trolli gummy worms I miraculously had stashed in my bag. Delicious!

I got home about 9 and made a really quick monster salad with boiled eggs and tuna for protein. Was delicious as we watched Survivor! Poor sweet Lynn wasn’t feeling well and took some meds so was a little groggy.

I saw the above online last night before bed and smiled as I drifted off to sleep. Cutest. Thing. Eva!!!!! #dachshundshavemyheart #wellsodoeslynn #lynnhasmostofit #justalittlepartfordachshunds #enoughhearttogoaroundokay

So, I have a question… had a few employees tell me they liked my hair up (as messy as it was today) although they liked when I wore it down as well. Then it came out that they think I look younger with it up. So I then cried to myself in the dry storage room and swore to never wear my hair down again.

Kidding. I just think they aren’t used to it up. Right everyone?!?!?! I don’t ever look older. Right?!?!?!

After rolling myself out with my tiger hand held foam roller (link is in My Gear) I was ready for a 5 mile recovery run tonight.

I really focused on starting our pretty darn slow. I made the mistake after last weeks speed workout by doing the recovery run too fast the first two miles, and the last 3 were awful.

The sun went behind the clouds as I got started, and I really tried to focus on the moment and how beautiful the day was. I focused on taking it slow and easy and I felt really good (outside of a little tight on right calf). Before I knew it 3 miles had gone by!

I got faster with each mile, not intentionally, but believe it’s because I started out smart and felt better as my muscles warmed up. It’s even a slight incline headed back for the second half as well.

9:57 average pace for my recovery run today and felt good! Tomorrow is my rest day and we are headed to Lynn’s parents for the weekend after work tomorrow!

I had an incredible package waiting for me from Penguin Random House when I got home and I couldn’t wait to rip the box open!

It was like a runner’s Christmas! They sent me 3 of Meb’s new book 26 Marathons to give away (stay tuned in the next few days on how to score!) as well as a copy for myself and some other amazing running books and positive thinking. I’m so grateful and excited to dive into each page, and to give some of them away!!

Have a great night, and see you at the start line!


**Are you a reader and what’s your favorite book?

** How do you hold back on recovery days?

** I don’t look old, do I? Lol… kidding!

I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!

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