Need advice + Austin Rattler Course Map + Friday Favorites


Today was crazy, so by the time we both got home from work we were super excited to pick up and hit the road!

We are headed to Lynn’s parents again and spending time with her mom while Dad P is out of town at a Cubs game with Erik and cousin Alan! Sucks to be them, ya know?! Lol

People are pretty excited about the 26 Marathons book that Meb Keflezighi just released. Giveaway to come soon! I’M so excited about these others books I got as well! I did pack 26 Marathons to read over the weekend while we lounge 🙂 Stay tuned on how to win your own copy!

Lunch today was a piece of thin pizza and autumn roasted veggies, broccoli and some corn/okra thrown on top. Lynn was a little disturbed by things touching, but I don’t have any issue… I mean, have you seen my salad mountains?!

I had some watermelon and pineapple for dessert. Little salt and lime juice and I was in hog heaven!

So, I need some advice!

As you know, I’m foaming at the mouth for a new Garmin and am a bit overwhelmed as there are so many amazing watches.

I’m torn between these three and need your help!

– Garmin 235

– Garmin 645 Music

– Garmin Vivoactive 3

I want it obviously for running, but battery life, being able to break down my stats, see full workouts, elevation, etc…. it’s all important.

I want to make sure I have before the Austin Rattler 33k on April 6th as my Apple Watch Will die by mile 20. I also want more stats, and possibly music!

So, what do you recommend? Which watch do you run with? Help Me!!!!

Next question! Debating on which hydration vest I want to invest in (pun intended)

– Salomon S-Lab

– Nathan Vaporhowe

I want a vest that is breathable, has enough storage but won’t weigh me down, and doesn’t bounce.

I HATE HATE things bouncing on me (even a bun or ponytail so I have to secure the heck out of it) and is why I can’t wear anything around my waist. I’ve tried, but then I spend half the race fidgeting and tugging on it.

Also, do you prefer where you suck from the tube or pull out the bottle to drink from it? How cold does it stay and can you freeze the bottles/bladders etc?!

Help. Me

So, as you know I’ve been obsessed with the Austin Rattler 33k and am as much excited as I am terrified! 2100 feet of elevation in 21 miles. Greeaaaaat!

Also, this is the first year its at the Reveille Peak Ranch, so I cant even read recaps etc from previous years to scare myself!

Seeing the 700 bikers doing the 33k/66k/100k the day before my run and representing GU will be a blast and so inspiring. Can’t wait!

Check out the course!

Just so you can see… some is on the black. Difficult. Scared. Ha!

I’m so looking forward though as it’s unchartered territory. I’m going in for the experience (time goal for sure) but with complete excitement for the unknown!

We are on the road and almost to parent Papke’s! We only got traffic for the first 20 or so, but I had my Coffee so I was good. I drank black Pikes Place. Shocked? Me too!

Friday Favorites (rushed as almost to her parents)

– Starbucks oatmeal!!!! Had this on the road a few hours ago. I got the classic, and have the blueberry one often in the mornings at work!

My UGG slippers (don’t know what’s on the top, but cleaned it off) They are so cozy and comfortable! Wear them all the time!

Trail Runner Nation!!!! Addicted to their podcasts, check them out!

This weeks Leon Creek Greenway Trails! Beautiful weather and gorgeous scenery!

This girl! A year ago this weekend I proposed to her. We will be married in 8 months! Lucky!!!


– What Garmin?

– What hydration vest

– Tips to deal with 2100 feet of elevation.

6 thoughts on “Need advice + Austin Rattler Course Map + Friday Favorites

  1. Oooh salt and lime juice on watermelon sounds wonderful! I’m gonna have to try that.

    I wish I could help you more with the watches—I do have a vivoactive and love it, but I’m not sure how it is in comparison to the others !

    That race sounds sooo insanely intense! No doubt you can do it- can’t wait to hear how it goes–Have a great weekend, Taushah!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Salt and lime on pineapple and watermelon is life changing! You HAVE to try it!!!! Especially if the fruit is cold. Yum!

      Good to know on the Vivoactive! If you love it, it must be a good watch 🙂

      Have a great weekend Mackenzie!!!! Can’t wait to see all the food you try 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Josh

    In regards to the watch, I’d say go with the 235. I’m not a fan of touch screens on fitness watches and I rarely listen to music while running.

    In regards to the best, I’d vote for the Nathan.

    And in regards to that race… dang, sounds like Franklins without as much elevation gain. I’d recommend lots of hill repeats and as many miles as you can at Eisenhower or Government Canyon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the advice! Several people have told me that they aren’t loving touch on a running watch. Goooood to know!
      I haven’t run at Eisenhower or Government Canyon but I’ll def be looking them up! Hills are something I’m trying to work into my routines!
      Have a great weekend, Josh!


  3. I think the 235’s battery will outlast the two other watches and will last for your whole ultra. I just got my 235 couple days ago, so can’t say much about it. I like its large screen. My previous one was a Garmin 35. I missed my 35, because it does swimming and hiking. The 235 only has running, biking and other. I haven’t able to figure out how to use the ‘other’ mode.

    Liked by 1 person

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