14.4 Mile Windy Long Run + Girl’s Weekend + Shopping for Austin Rattler and Hachie 50 dream + Cinco de Mayo Pups

Happy Saturday!

Last night we traveled to Salado Texas to spend the weekend with Mom P! We had a relaxing Friday evening watching TV and catching up!

Mom P had bought a sombrero for little Wrigley, so we naturally had to try it on Bella and Emmy….. who hated it! LOL

Emmy froze as we put it on her while giving side eye, and we had to pick up sassy Bella to get a good picture! They are ready for Cinco de Mayo!

We wore them out and they cuddled next to Lynn for quite awhile!

Mom P also found a beer named after me (not really) but I’ll find out from Dad P how it tastes! Looks good!

I was hungry so I whipped up a salad with Ham and some yummy cheez-its on top. All three pups begged until I took my last bite! Also, if you haven’t tried the grapefruit La Croix (sparkling water) I highly recommend! Also, baby kale and spinach for the win!

This morning I woke up and had a 13 mile long run on the agenda, but turned it into 14.4 as I enjoyed it so much I went down an extra street or two!

I listened to podcasts for the first 9 miles as I wanted to start out really slow and just enjoy the miles. It was super super windy, cold and I got rained on. I loved the temperature and was the most enjoyable run in awhile in that regard, but the wind was brutal. Had 734 feet of elevation gain as well just to keep it a tiny bit challenging.

I found a podcast featuring the 6th place finisher of the Austin Rattler 66k and Leadville 100 qualifier. I listened to that and used that to pump me up a bit. Two weeks and counting. I’m going to die. Ha! I haven’t ran that far since the Houston Marathon (injury) and I’ve never ran that amount of elevation. I’m going to just enjoy, push, and be smart!

The run was pretty (windy, lol) and I even crossed a creek.

After 9 miles, I turned on music to power me home and picked up the pace after I took my second GU. Birthday cake was freaking delicious! Every mile (except for 1) was faster than the next. I’m learning that starting out slower on the long runs gets you warmed up and makes more possible on the later part of run!

I also think I will use the podcast then music tactic for the next two big races I have (Austin Rattler & Hachie 50). It’s been working for me! 10:05 average pace, not too shabby especially with the wind and wanting a slow run.

I had a dream that I was running the Hachie 50 last night. I did the first loop in one of those children’s electric cars to get a head start since it was raining and muddy. Ha! I then parked it and got out to run in some pretty miserable conditions! Crazy how our brains work!

I showered and made myself smell better. Brought the smallest bottle of my favorite perfume ever with me. Dolce Gabbana light blue for the win! My Hair was also in knots from the wind.

We then headed to Harker Heights to look at a few mother of the bride dress options, do a little birthday shopping for brother bear (coal all the way).

I wanted some of the beautiful soap and to put it in an old school Caboodle to take home! Ha!

Who remembers Caboodles?!?!?! Sooooo funny how childhood comes back around. Where in the heck does time go?

We went into academy and I wanted to look at hydration vests and garmins. Didn’t have anything close to what I wanted to see. I have a hot date with REI this week!

We got hungry, so we settled in Outback. It had been at least a decade since I’d been there, and it didn’t disappoint.

We HAD to get the bloomin’ onion, and we didn’t even finish half of it! #leftovers

I got the Aussie Cobb salad with grilled chicken and it hit the spot! So much flavor on the chicken, and the piece of Filet Mignon and the rib that Mom P gave me melted like buttah in my mouth! Buttah!

Have you ever tried the new Orange Vanilla Coke? I hadn’t either, but had seen it on billboards so we had to get one to be in the cool kids club. It’s pretty good!

What. A. Day! I’m about to eat some of my favorite thing ever… Ben and Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream! Heaven in a Pint.

I hope everyone had a great day! I appreciate all the advice about the Garmins and hydration vests! I’ll be making purchases soon!!!! Like in days…. yeah!

See you at the start line!


What are some things from your childhood you’ve seen come back?

– Favorite chain restaurant to eat at and why?

– Ever dream about running?

4 thoughts on “14.4 Mile Windy Long Run + Girl’s Weekend + Shopping for Austin Rattler and Hachie 50 dream + Cinco de Mayo Pups

  1. I recognized that bloomin’ onion immediately!!! Okay chokers were something from my childhood I saw come back in recent years- soo funny to see my younger sisters who are in their pre-teens wearing them. Favorite chain- gosh, this is hard! Probably Cheesecake Factory though! And yesss I have dreamt about running before! I remember it well because I felt like I was flying (literally).. I woke up sad I couldn’t do that in real life hahah.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. ME tooo!

        Okay, I’m sorry but this is my favorite typo (I would assume is a typo?!) I have maybe ever seen. I do hope Cholera hasn’t made a come back 🙂 bahah. Hope you have the best rest of your week too!!

        Liked by 1 person

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