It’s in the air + 5 Mile Sunday Recovery Run + Happy Birthday Erik + UVA Final 4!!! I

So, Lynn is one foot into the grave…. on her deathbed. Okay, it’s not that bad but my sweet girl is not feeling well! She didn’t sleep all night from wheezing and is sneezy and according to her “everything hurts, even her elbows”.

So, I’m dragging her up and she is currently passed out the couch right now while I’m blogging. I’m feeling a bit of the funk as well, so you know I’ve been taking drugs, powders, shakes…. all of it! I can NOT get sick this month!

First thing’s first… UVA-UVA-UVAaaaaaaaa!!!! Wahoowa!!!! Go Hoos!!!!!

That was the most intense 15 minutes of a basketball game ever! We were literally yelling at the TV and the pups were going nuts!

I worked for the University of Virginia last year (miss everything about Virginia daily) and we became quick fans! We watched many games from the suites of JPJ and I saw many of the players on campus on a regular basis!

We are so excited that they will be heading to the final 4 against Auburn! 10 years to the day that Tony Bennett took over the UVA basketball team, they won the game that would take them to their first final four with him as a coach, and as a team since 1984! Crazy!

Even Emmy was excited! We seriously love UVA and I will forever be proud that I worked on that campus and walked those grounds! So. Many. Memories!

Yesterday was an easy 5 miles after my 14.5 Saturday in the brutal Texas winds. 🙂

I started out slow, and put in some effort the last two miles to make the run a bit more of a challenge.

I was definitely tired when I was done and glad that I had a rest day today… especially not feeling 100%.

As I was stretching (yes I’m surprised as well) on the grass after my run, I looked up at the tree in the front yard and took this picture! Beautiful, right?!

Once inside, I saw that Dad P and Erik had made it home from their guys weekend of beer and baseball. Erik sounded awful and I blame him 109% for my possible sickness. Cough cough brother bear. Kidding, feel better!

I wrapped up in a blanket to warm back up (was 40 degrees during my run) and took in the smells of the delicious chicken that was being baked in the kitchen for lunch.

How many people does it take and who will reach the placemat first?!?!

I placed a few pieces of chicken on top of a salad and added peas. Was delicious. I washed it down with a mix/shake that contained the nutrients of 20 fruits and veggies.

It’s Erik’s birthday soon so Mom Papke made him a delicious cookie cake. We were all too full to eat right then, but we brought a few pieces home and mine made it about as long as it took to park the car and walk upstairs before it was devoured! It was cooked perfectly! Soft like we like it!

Happy birthday Erik!!!

Someone was tired.

I needed coffee.

I got the sweetest message today via Instagram from Samantha. She ran the Houston Marathon this year and we bonded over the same finisher shirt. Naturally! She’s also going to kick butt in 2020 when she gets her Boston qualifier! She’s a rockstar!

These were from out last trip to Fredericksburg where we will be this Saturday! I have a 5k and am excited! Visit Scallywompus here and sign up for any distance of the Wunderlust run. Come say hi when there and use code ROADRUNNERCHICK15 for 15% off!

See you at the start line!


– What’s the first thing you do when you start to feel the funk?!

– Which team in the final 4 are you most excited about? (UVA is the right answer)

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