Listen to your body + Interview and Video with San Antonio Road Runners + 5k excitement

You know you’ve been looking at numbers when you show up to your Chiropractor 24 hours early. Whoops! I’ve always gone on Wednesday’s, but for some reason I decided to show up on a Tuesday.

So, I had a blast working with Justin Watson this afternoon! Justin is an assistant coach with the San Antonio Road Runners, not to mention a certified RRCA coach, certified personal trainer, and so much more!

We met at one of my favorite trails and he interviewed me on camera, asking me a few questions about running, goals, etc… Listen. I can talk for hours on end, but put a camera in front of me and I forget English! Okay, it wasn’t that bad and I only had to start a few questions over. I just get excited and my brain goes faster than my mouth sometimes! So, anyone else who wants to interview me moving forward, I’ve got this! Lol

Justin then had me run with a go pro for a bit, and did some camera work. It was a ton of fun! It’s going to be a 3-5 minute video that will promote running and SARR! Can’t wait to see it, his editing skills, and to share it with all of you!

I headed to the track to do some speed work, and realized I left my water bottle at work. So, I stopped at circle K to get me some popcorn ice and water. So, so, so refreshing!

So, I did a mile warm up – 9:17 pace. I could feel my heavy legs from the 20+ miles this weekend. I moved up speed work one day (usually on Wednesday) to have fresher legs for Saturday’s 5k. However, I soon realized that left not so fresh legs for this Tuesday workout. So, I did a mile at 7:20 pace, mile cool down and hit the road.

Sometimes you have to listen to your body. If I would’ve truly pushed today’s speed work, it wouldn’t have been the quality I wanted as my legs needed another day. This is how I got injured last winter… not listening to my body.

I was disappointed leaving the track, but knew today’s workout wasn’t the goal. This Saturday’s race, and having a better base post injury to work from over the next few months IS. I still got a run in, that’s a win in my book!

Trust the process. Trust your workouts. Trust your body. Repeat

I’m waiting on Lynn to get home as I picked up Pho and am about to make a trough of salad for me! I already chugged my collagen, glutamine, and some greens so I’m ready for the main course!

I’ll be giving some books away and will talk about that tomorrow, so check back on Wacky Wednesday!

4 days till my next race! So excited. Rolling hills will be had for breakfast on Saturday. One day I’ll have a flat course, one day! Lol

Have a great night!

Questions –

– Have you ever had pho? I’m a huge fan

– Have you been interviewed on camera before? How do you stay calm?

3 thoughts on “Listen to your body + Interview and Video with San Antonio Road Runners + 5k excitement

  1. Yes!!! Pho is one of my favorites, and my go to the evening before a long run.
    Nope!! I’ve never been interviewed on camera; although when I was little, my older sister would pretend she was a reporter, and interview me with her tape recorder and mic. 😄

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  2. Yesss–So important to listen to your body! I’ve been learning this lately too. Also, I LOVE pho. I just discovered it for real last year. (I had it one time in a food court years ago, but barely remember it). It’s suhh gooood– ultimate comfort food. And oh man, you described my first experience in front of a camera to a T! My issue is I tend to give run on sentences as answers & turn beet red!! Have a great rest of the week, Taushah!


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