Finally got my Garmin and Hydration Vest + 5k Severe Weather + UVA & Chai Tea Lattes

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a great week! Been pretty busy in our world this week and we’ve both been fighting the funk. Lynn way more than me as she has definitely had the bug!

This is how I walked around campus several mornings. Vanilla latte to energize me for the day, and my blueberry oatmeal to comfort and fuel my soul!

That is until Lynn was craving a chai tea latte and showed up with 4 Venti cups of the stuff! Two to sip on that night, and two to heat up and start our day with us the following morning! My girl is the best. I was addicted to them for the rest of the week!

Wednesday evening I met a few of my wonderful fellow Scallywompus ambassadors at Alamo Beer company. The above are the awesome shirts the runners will get this Saturday if they run! There is still time to register and use code ROADRUNNERCHICK15 at . Come run with me!

After our lovely meeting, I was foaming at the mouth to hit up REI and take a look at Garmins and Hydration Vests. I LOVE REI. It makes me want to travel and live out of a vintage van. Well. For a week or two 🙂

So, I was quickly disappointed with the hydration vests as they were picked over. Only Large sizes on most vests were left as well with no extra small or small available. There was one Large Salomon S lab vest to touch and feel and I knew that was the one I wanted. Online shopping was in my future…. walking to the Garmin section was next 🙂

I practically hopped and skipped on my way to the watches and drooled over each one! I really wanted the Fenix or the forerunner 935, but knew I really should just get the most affordable. I decided to sleep on it!

So, the next day I looked online at Salomon. Every S lab vest in XS and S was sold out. Okay, no worries… I’ll look online at REI. Same thing, sold out. Listen, my heart was starting to break into little pieces. I googled and found my other favorite outdoors store… Backcountry and decided to search there.

Backcountry had ONE XS small and zero small in stock, and luckily even in the black color that I wanted. I couldn’t add to my basket and check out fast enough as I knew this would be the last one if find! I was SO excited when my order was confirmed! They also offered free 2 day shipping and it will be here Monday… I did check after I completed my order just to see if it was really the last one in my size, and it was. It was unavailable at that juncture. I. GOT. LUCKY!

After work, I also headed back to REI to make my Garmin purchase. I decided to get the 235 as it was the cheapest. However, REI told me that they didn’t have in stock and it was being discontinued as they didn’t have in any inventory in any REI anywhere. Sigh!!! So, I had no choice but to upgrade to the 735XT. Shucks, LoL!

I’m pretty freaking excited to use this watch tomorrow! I haven’t had time to play with it yet, but I may sleep with it on for the next 8.2 years! So so so happy, especially for speed work, etc! I’ll be reporting back on it!

Something I saw in the store (Dicks sporting Goods) the other day was interesting. This is the professional football team that San Antonio has for like two months. Crazy as it’s already a thing of the past! All merchandise was 50% off!

I was honored when one of my favorite people ever (that I’ll get to meet after tomorrow’s race) posted this on her Instagram yesterday! Thanks Elizabeth @endurance4you as you made my day!

Lynn was a little late tonight so I started dinner. Salmon, sweet potato and Brussels sprouts. Was so so good and I can’t move I’m so full!

So excited for the weekend!

*5k In the morning (feeling sluggish but I should be pumped tomorrow. Yay endorphins! Meds for Lynn!) The weather is supposed to be wet and with thunderstorms. Possible severe weather warning went out where I work today. Hoping that’s not the case

*Visiting our venue

*Meeting our friends Cortney and Issac after to show them our venue

*Meeting some other new and old friends that are running

*Stopping by a vendor to see if we can order our cake

******UVA in the Final 4!!!!!

Have a good start to your weekend tomorrow! Cheer for UVA, and start sending me items I will need to pack for my 50 miler in exactly one month!!!!!

Questions –

-Who do you think will advance to the championship game? (Hint, UVA)

– What are some must have items I need for the 50 miler that I might not think about?

– Most important… what are you most excited about this weekend?

I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!

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