2nd Overall Female and 1st in Age Group + Lots of work to do + Wedding Venue Visit + UVA Basketball Headed to NCAA Championships

Whoa. What a Saturday!

We woke up early to make the trek to Fredericksburg for yesterday morning’s 5k.

I was very relieved that it wasn’t torrential downpour as previously forecast, and a small drizzle was all that remained. I def had game face on as I lined up at the front!

It was, however, humid as hell. Muggy, muggy and more muggy! Breathing was harder than it should ever be, lol!

I started out too fast (as always) and was in the lead for the first half a mile. I was doing a 6:30 pace and new I had started too guns a blazin! I got passed by one female at that point and decided to pump my breaks a bit, but I had already made the mistake. I was super annoyed that I didn’t start out more conservative, but I just wanted to keep pushing!

Mile 2 was my slowest and I kind of got it back together for mile 3, but my legs were shot! That finish line couldn’t have come faster and I threw myself on the ground to catch my breath and beg for some cold air as soon as I crossed! Lol

I finished second overall female and 1st in age group so I was very happy with that. HOWEVER, I have a LOT of work to do and can’t wait as it was not my best 5k time by far. Once I’m done with these few longer races, it is all about the 5ks and the half marathon training and speed workout to be strong for fall!

Huge goals for both those distances and I will be putting in a lot of sweat and tears to accomplish the goals I KNOW I’m capable of! I knew it wouldn’t come back within the the first month post injury, but I can’t wait to get to the solid base I had and then put in more work than I ever have before!

I won a beautiful wine glass for first place and was excited to add it to my scallywompus collection! The medal was super sweet too… a wine stopper!

What an awesome after party as well, full of beer, vodka drinks, rockstar, grilled sausage on a stick, etc!!! Scallywompus does it best!

We also saw a ton of our friends!! Our UVA buddies Lydia and Matt were the first we spotted and I got to meet one of my favorite Instagram and blog buddies Elizabeth! She’s a super speedy rockstar and helped pace her friend Tasha for that morning’s half marathon!

We also saw a bunch of our SARR and ScallyWompus running friends!

All of them ran the 10k or half marathon, and in that mugginess they should be proud!

Jana and Whitney did awesome!

We saw Glenn, Liane, Dan and met Lisa and Adriane as well 🙂

Was a great morning!!! Now to focus on the big picture and work my butt off to get there in between and after these next big races!

After the race we headed to our venue! We met our good friends Cortney and Isaac and got to show off Barons Creek Vineyard! The day was wet but was beautiful by the time we left!

We talked Wedding and actually got to see one being set up which was awesome. We talked to the sweet owner, Marta and got to pick her brain on a few things for our big day!

Flower girl in training!

After the vineyard, we headed to Fredericksburg Brewery for a quick bite.

Lynn and I shared a pretzel and had to bounce as we wanted to get to our next location to see tip off for the Final Four!

The Pig Pen in downtown San Antonio is where the UVA of San Antonio Club had a room reserved to show the game. Everyone was super pumped and let me just say… WHAT. A. GAME!

I went from GU runner, to UVA fan!

The game was incredible, and the last 5 minutes took 7 years off my life from the stress and screaming! I can’t believe we pulled it out, but we never should’ve given up that 10 point lead the way we did either!

So excited that we saw a part of history take place as UVA won and are headed to the NCAA championship game tomorrow night! It’s going to be a late bedtime tomorrow, but we have to watch it!

I will want these brisket nachos for dinner again as we watch them play against Texas Tech! Go ‘Hoooooooooos!

Got home late, and my girls laid on me while I checked my emails, etc! Was such a good day, full of fun and friends… and a first place!

See you at the start line – Faster and Stronger

I’m waking up early tomorrow to get in a run before work since we have to watch the game tomorrow night. I’m also going to see Dale Landos for an ART appointment as my left leg shin muscle has been bothering me a bit and I don’t need anything happening before the Austin Rattler this weekend and next months 50 miler.


– What was your weekend like?

– How did you decide on your wedding venue?

– Did you catch the Final Four game? Wasn’t it crazy?

2 thoughts on “2nd Overall Female and 1st in Age Group + Lots of work to do + Wedding Venue Visit + UVA Basketball Headed to NCAA Championships

  1. Holy smokes- a 6:30 pace?!?! AH!!! Guns a Blazin’ is an understatement- wowza! Second overall female is amazing- congrats!!!

    Um, I’m obsessed that you got a wine glass! Best trophy ever.

    All sooo fun! Thanks for sharing, Taushah!

    – Weekend was sooo good- we frolicked in the Bay area, and it was just so needed & lovely.
    – Living in the Midwest- it was limited. Lol. We knew we wanted to do something outdoorsy and barn themed (that’s when that theme was super popular)
    – I didn’t watch! I usually watch MM, but this year I haven’t been keeping up. I did hear there have been so many upsets though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, best trophy ever! You’re funny!!

      Outdoorsy and barn themed is perfect and it looked so darn beautiful!!!!! You have the same taste as we do 🙂

      MM was fun but only because we were rooting for UVA. Life definitely gets in the way from keeping caught up with stuff like that sometimes!

      Hope you’re having a great week!
      And yes, that 6:30 guns a blazin kicked my butt! Ha! Hopefully someday I can keep that up for the whole 5k 🙂

      Thanks for the comment Mackenzie!

      Liked by 1 person

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