UVA Men’s NCAA Basketball Champions + 90 degree run + Exploring Alamo Heights + Visit with Dale

Woke up yesterday to this sweet girl. Got to love the sketch Instagram filter!

We woke up excited as we had the NCAA championships to look forward to last night and couldn’t wait to watch the game! Fingers were definitely crossed!

Lynn had been taking the medicine above recommended by my new friend and fellow runner, Elizabeth! She felt cured immediately so we owe her big! If you aren’t feeling well, give it a try! She had been taking medicine for a week and with one dose of this, she felt the difference within hours!

My left leg had been bothering me a bit since my 15 miler last week, the muscle to the right of the shin bone. Not wanting to chance anything, I made an appointment with the almighty Dale Londos! He is seriously the nicest guy ever and I love hearing his stories, what he’s currently working on (he’s a triathlete), and who he has encountered since the last visit!

I had lines on my forehead from putting it down on the massage table. That means it was a successful and painful visit. Ha!

He does absolute wonders every time with his Active Release Therapy (ART). If you have any aches or pains, pay him a visit right now! CLICK HERE FOR HIS INFO

After my appointment, which Lynn accompanied me on since it was a mile from where the game was going to be watched, we drove around Alamo Heights.

Alamo Heights was like a mix of River Oaks/ Memorial City Houston and Charlottesville Virginia. It was hilly, historical and storybook.

Lynn was like a kid in a candy store as she loves real estate. We parked and walked down some of the streets and dreamed about the mansions and what the history of them could be.

We then stumbled upon Landa Library, right in the middle of a neighborhood. It had parks for the kids, storybooks hidden along the landscaping, and was very whimsical. (You’re welcome babe)

We even saw orange trees along the streets and everything was so so green!

We will absolutely we walking around again soon. I want to learn more about that area, the history behind it, and put eyes on some of the huge old mansions. Plus, it’s very very hilly so I could get some amazing runs in there and distract myself with new surroundings and beautiful scenery!

We got to the Pig Pen about an hour early, and boy are we glad we did! It was already packed! Soooo many people where there to see Texas Tech take on UVA for the championship!

It was such a close game the whole way through, and it was the last 30 seconds where I thought we had lost. We had one last shot, and the 3 pointer we needed happened! The whole room lost it!!!! OT baby!

We munched on brisket nachos again as we nervously awaited OT to begin.

The first half of OT was nerve racking, then we slowly crept into the lead and stayed there. With 45 seconds left in the game I literally had tears rolling down my face as I was so excited for such a deserving team. I never thought I would cry over basketball! Crazy to think we were there last year watching games in person, and the fact that I worked on grounds (they don’t call it Campus) and saw those guys walk by all the time!

An entire flood of emotions came out for us both as we high fived each other and our new UVA friends who knew the magic that was all things UVA and Charlottesville. It really made our hearts full, but very sad for a few moments as we were home sick for a place that we only lived for a year. However, that year was when we made each other our home, created enough memories for a lifetime and fell in love with the history, people and city of Charlottesville Virginia.

Can’t wait to go back and visit! It will always have our hearts and we will always feel a very strong and powerful connection to UVA and such a beautiful and storybook city and state! Excuse me while I go cry…. 🙂

Tonight after work I got my run on! It was blistering hot and I swear I’ll never complain about the cold again. Said every runner, always!

It’s going to be a long summer and I will be doing early morning runs very very soon! The heat is so draining that getting up early is worth it!

I’m also watching the weather for this weekends Austin Rattler. If it rains Saturday, it will make for some very muddy trails for the MTB bikers, and a messy wet trail for us to run on after the next day! Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain!

The trails are stunning and I’m in awe every time I go! I did see a snake today and it scared to crap out of me as I almost stepped on it! It was super long, thick and black. Blech!

I am LOVING my new Garmin and all the stats it provides. Once I have more time to mess with it I’ll share a review and snaps of workouts.

Easy 5 miles today at a 9:40 pace. Same place same distance tomorrow more than likely. I may start on another entry to the trails to switch it up! The heat makes the effort so much more tiring, it’s crazy!

Going to start packing tomorrow… got my hydration vest in! More to come on all that tomorrow!

See you at the start line!


– Do you run in the mornings or evenings?

– How hot is too hot for your workouts?

– Are you afraid of snakes and have any crazy stories meeting one?

I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!

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