New Running Mantra + Summer has Arrived + 2.5 days + Wedding Bands

Happy Thursday!

Y’all, summer has freaking arrived!

I decided that I couldn’t stomach the same trail path last night so I decided to switch it up. After this weekends race, I’m going to venture out to new scenery so it doesn’t get so monotonous.

That being said, I decided to do 4 loops around where we live as each loop/fitness trail is 1.25 miles. It isn’t flat, and very breezy at the top as it’s hill country, but that was totally more appealing than the same trail. Plus, it’s freaking beautiful around here!

It was hot as hell yesterday at 94 degrees. I will never again complain about the cold. It’s so crazy to see people getting snow, wearing jackets, etc!

While I was running, I listened to good ol’ Vance Joy for some feel good music and despite breeze and elevation, loved every step. It’s so pretty and was grateful for change of scenery and the gorgeous day!

I’m absolutely loving my Garmin, and although I still need to play with it more, I LOVE all the stats and data it provides! I have worn it to bed a few times just so it would tell me how badly I sleep. Lol! Still love my Apple Watch though during the normal business day as it provides me with the million texts and emails I receive at all times!

I decided to do an easy 5 miles yesterday as mentioned and ran a 9:20 pace. Final mile was the fastest and the first was the slowest. I think I just pushed it as I got going as I was drooling thinking about an ice cold G2 (Gatorade) I had in the fridge.

Imagine my surprise when I got home and my sweet fiancé had drank the entire thing. All of it. Didn’t save me a sip. I melted onto the floor.

***She made up with it though as she stopped by the store, got ice cream and some replacement Gatorade which was still hot but would eventually get cold. Okay babe, you’re lucky I love you!

The picture above I put on my Instagram. I ran in circles for the last few minutes to avoid one more step up a hill! All runners will understand and appreciate this, right?! Lol! Also, loved this song as it came on for the final few as well!

Dinner was a nice salad with hard boiled eggs, turkey and tons of veggies and Kale!

I decided last night that I would get up and run this morning so I didn’t have to worry about the heat tonight! Of course tonight wasn’t as hot, overcast and had a nice breeze.

As you saw in the first picture of this post, the sun was in full force during last night’s run. I ran four loops in the same direction. Today, one of my employees asked me if I had a rash as the back of my neck and shoulders were red. Lynn also told me the same thing and that the back of my legs looked sunburned.

Yeah, got some sun on my backside. Final lesson learned, run in BOTH directions. For goodness sake, self!!!!!

I set my alarm to get up and run an easy three. Pace was 9:10 and it was SO nice and cool….. and peaceful outside so early in the morning!

Next week is going to have a lot more early morning runs. The heat is brutal!

When I got back upstairs I guess the endorphins were going full force. Lynn told me that I should run every morning as I was in a much better mood. Touché babe, touché.

You know what else puts me in a good mood?! Wedding planning! We got our wedding bands this week and checked that beautiful box (pun intended) off our list!

The Austin Rattler is in 2.5 days and I couldn’t be more excited. Well, until I realized that the elevation I ran last night (which was definitely felt) was only 250 feet of elevation. Um, Sunday is almost 2200 feet. I’m legit going to die. I can’t wait!!!!

I’m also super excited as I may have found a running coach! I’m ready to guide others after next months RRCA training, but I want someone of my own who will:

***hold ME accountable

***has experience and a love for the sport

***has grit, fire in their belly, heart and a kick ass attitude

***loves to help others and see progress

***cares about strength and mobility training

***works with my goals and can get me there

***training schedule that rocks

***So. Much. More

I know I’ve found that in this person and will be connecting tomorrow to see if this is the right fit! More to come on that very soon! She’s a rockstar.

I’m also excited to have connected with a few early morning running groups, so I may have company a few days! Yeah!

Big things are coming. So many exciting things! Can’t wait to share everything and start work on them after Hachie 50!

Has anyone had this oatmeal? It’s so good! I have been eating it on the way to work and can’t get enough! Adding a bit of honey, banana and pecans makes for a delicious breakfast!

Is anyone running the Boston Marathon on Monday? If so, I’m so excited for and proud of you! I’m looking forward to reading all about it, watching it 17 times over, listening to the podcasts and cheering on the athletes! I will be there in a year or two. Mark my words!

As I think about the tough race I have ahead of me this weekend, one I’m not super trained for in legs, but excited for in heart…. I have decided I will repeat a new running mantra to myself. I thought of it this morning on semi tired legs.

I know the race and elevation is going to be tough. It’s the freaking Austin Rattler and Leadville qualifier for goodness sakes! I know I’m not going to run 8 minute miles, or be able to run every step with some of the steep grades of elevation.

However, I will tell myself this, my new mantra – Move with purpose, have no regrets. I will put my heart and soul into it, and it doesn’t matter if I have to walk some, power hike, or even crawl… just move with purpose and don’t leave room for regret when I cross that finish line thinking I could’ve pushed harder. Left foot right foot,repeat! Keep moving forward and with intent. I will cross that finish line strong!

See you at the start line!


– What are your short term running goals?

– What is the proudest moment of any sport you have?

– What plans do you have for this weekend?

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