Austin Rattler MTB Leadville Qualifier Race + 33k Eve + GU for it

What. A. Fabulous. Day

Alarm went off bright and early, but we were super excited as we were headed to the Austin Rattler Put on by Youphoria Productions!!!!

Today was the 33k, 66k and 100k MTB race with the two latter being Leadville qualifiers.

Aren’t the hats adorable? We each got one along with a shirt to represent GU today at the race. We were about 30 minutes away from Reveille Peak Ranch, and the drive was beautiful!

We pulled up, found parking, grabbed our GU Swag and headed to find where our set up would be. Not too far from the finish area we saw a long table with a ton of GU boxes. We knew we had found our home for the morning!

I had been sent a table cloth and a bunch of stuff to make it fancy!l so we got to work getting it all set up.

It was so fun to represent such an amazing company! I have used their products since my very first 5k and can’t imagine running without it! We got to connect and meet some awesome people!

I got to meet a fellow Salty’s Squad GU Ambassador from Alabama, Owen. SUCH a cool dude… he’s run over 100 races with most of them being ultras! We got to talk running all morning so that was pretty neat.

I also had my better half there with me! She was such a huge help and took some incredible pictures of the bikers. Can’t wait to show some of those beauties later!

I had a handful of hats and swag to give out, so I did what any normal person would do. Made them arm wrestle me for it! Dave got a hat, and we also gave him one for his wife who was riding the 66k. Super nice guy!!!

The weather started out chilly but bearable. Everyone got lucky as it was supposed to be brutal weather all night leading into the start of the race. We were dry until about 10am when the sprinkles started… and by 11am it was pouring, windy as hell, and had dropped to 50 degrees.

I felt for the bikers as I can’t imagine how brutal that must’ve been! We tried to get them GU, food, liquids, etc as they were passing through on their next loops and you could tell how cold some of them were.

It went from bad to worse and the lightening was close, so they had to call the race! They did make it a two loop qualifier instead of three as a result. Youphoria Productions is incredible and they absolutely did the right thing! Safety is most important and they made the right call!

We got some other fun pictures of the brave souls with some new GU Gear! They had mud in places the sun don’t shine! The hot shower they took was probably the best of their lives after that mud bath!

I am super excited to run the 33k tomorrow as the bikers said it was one of the prettiest courses they’d ever seen. I’m terrified of the elevation, but super pumped! I have time I’d like to beat (will tell tomorrow as I don’t want to jinx myself), but this is my first trail race, lots of climbing, going to be slippery and muddy… so I have zero expectations and am going to take it in and enjoy! We will have cool but beautiful weather tomorrow so I feel lucky for that!

It would also be pretty sweet to place top three in age group tomorrow!

We said goodbye and good luck to Owen and his buddies and headed out after the race.

At this point it was sunshine and beautiful, but cold and very windy and wet from the earlier downpour.

We headed to a brewery that Lynn had been to years before with her family. She had a beer and I had a San Pellegrino (blood orange) and we talked about the fun morning!

They had some pretty neat hats and shirts, but we were good and didn’t buy anything. I need another shirt like I need another hole in my head.

We were hungry so headed to a Mexican restaurant. Closed. So, we saw Bills Burgers next door and plopped down for lunch there instead. I had a salad with two chicken breasts and Lynn had a burger.

I forgot to show you the dinner we had last night as we got into town…. Teriyaki wings, three amigos dips and a fried avocado. As good as it all looks, it was the blandest food we’d had since we could remember. Made for pretty pictures though!

We drove around neighborhoods and stopped at Walmart for a few things before we headed back to the hotel. I’m about to lay out my stuff for tomorrow so I make sure I have everything ready that I need!

Wish me luck!

See you at the start line!


– Have you ever been caught in a really bad rainstorm?

– Have you ever been signed up for a race only to have it cancelled?

– What are you go to this weekend?

I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!

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