I did it! Austin Rattler 33k in the books + 3rd Place +

I’ll have a full race recap tomorrow, but wanted to say that I DID IT!

That was THE hardest thing I’ve ever done race wise, but one of the most rewarding! Doing 21.7 miles on the road can get a little challenging for me, mostly mentally.

However, having a few thousand feet of elevation gain, scary steep descents, single tracks with billions of rocks and mud, you literally had to watch every single step. It mentally distracted me as I had to think about every foot placement. I almost busted my butt several times! If I wanted to take pics or video I almost had to stop to avoid ending up on my rear. It was brutal. No room for error and my ankles moved in directions they aren’t used to. So did the rest of my body. My back is killing me and my calves are screaming right now 🙂 I love it.

I also got a pretty sweet sunburn.

I wish I could show you how freaking steep soo many of the hills we had to climb were, and the descents where just as scary in spots.

I will upload some videos to Instagram and a full recap here tomorrow!

I accomplished everything I set out to do! I feel blessed for the weather and for my sweet fiancé cheering me on the whole way!

Talk tomorrow… see you at the next start line!


How was your weekend?

What are your plans for Easter next weekend?

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