Best Queso + Wedding Cake Ordered + Trail Maps + Scooters + Real Ale Brewery

Happy Saturday!

Friday evening started by dropping Lynn’s car off to get repaired from hail damage. Last weeks storms sadly left a few dents in her car.

After we dropped off, we cruised around downtown, looked at neighborhoods, and ended up near the River Walk and the King William District. This area is so beautiful and we caught it right at sundown!

We both had never rode those little scooters you see all over town, so we decided to download the App and get with the rest of the world by trying!

I flew like a bat out of hell the second I got on. Loved it! Lynn needed training wheels for a few minutes but she eventually got the hang of it and I had to pry her off at the end 🙂

We decided to stay in the area for dinner and ended of at Rosario’s. The wait was about 30 minutes, but we figured with Fiesta going on, Friday evening etc… this was our best bet. Plus, we’d heard the hype but had never been.

I’m still being really good and just had water, but Lynn tried an jalapeño lime margarita and said it was delicious. It better have been for the $11.95 price tag!

We started with queso, added chorizo, onions and mushrooms… and I’ll be honest, it was like a little piece of heaven! I didn’t care for the salsa, which is usually what I love for at Mexican restaurants. It had a ton of chipotle which isn’t my thing, but people rave about it.

I ordered a chicken salad for dinner and Lynn had enchiladas. We were both very happy with our meals! My chicken was a bit crispy which was fabulous and had a tart and light like vinaigrette. My mouth is watering thinking about it!

This morning we had a cake tasting appointment in Fredericksburg at 11am, and we were only 7 minutes late. We had a rough night of sleep with Emmy jumping every 5 minutes. I may be sleeping on the couch moving forward. Lol

They brought us out a plain cake and let us try all the fillings inside and then the frostings on the outside. We loved them all!

Can you tell which concoction was our favorite?! Lol! Our cake is going to be beautiful, but can’t give too much away yet!

I wore my Austin Rattler shirt today, was missing last weekend just thinking about it! I’ve been dreaming bout the trails, especially in this weeks beautiful weather since I crossed the finish line last Sunday!

Since we were in Fredericksburg we decided to walk up and down Main Street for awhile, and of course we had to hit up Dogologie. We keep hoping we will find some dog wedding dresses so we can dress them up for our big day!

They also have the cutest decorated cookies for them! Almost look good enough for me to want one! Little pricey though!

One of the stores had some pretty cool books, and this was a page in one that I had to take a picture of!

I’m so lucky every day that I finally found my person! Lynn is my missing piece and I can’t imagine this life without her in it! I’m not me without her 🙂

We also went into one of my favorite stores, Camp Hayden! They were giving out free Lonestar beer so I grabbed a cold one for my favorite person on our way out! Lynn loved it!

I saw this on the door to the Road Runner Inn. Couldn’t help myself 🙂

Lynn had got us tickets to Real Ale Brewing Co’s 23rd anniversary. This place was freaking packed! Her favorite beer is Devil’s Backbone, so she was pretty excited to have a few. Plus, 23 is her lucky number so we couldn’t not go, ya know?! Lol!

Upon walking in we got special anniversary glasses with a raffle ticket and 4 beer tokens. That’s a pretty sweet deal!

Lynn got her favorite beers and I drank a few non alcoholic ginger beers which were pretty refreshing! I can’t wait to have a salty ass martini after this 50 miler, then buckle back down for a trail run I think I’m going to sign up for June 1st. Then, it’s hitting the ground for speed and the 5k and 13.1 goals for end of year!

One of Lynn’s friends won the raffle which was for a boatload of stuff! Pretty exciting! We also hung out with our good friends Ximena and crew as well! Was good to see them all!

We were pretty hungry before we left and realized everything was pretty much sold out or closing down. So. We each got what was available, a tofu, shiitake mushroom and bell pepper empanada. It was amazing! So much flavor I could’ve eaten two!

We made it home finally and Lynn is asleep next to me while I catch the world up on our day!

I’m getting up bright and early for my first run since last week’s Austin Rattler as I feel pretty much back to normal! I want to run on some trails tomorrow so I printed a bunch of parks, etc in the area. I, of course, left the one for Eisenhower Park on the printer, but that’s okay! I’ll probably hit that one up tomorrow as it’s got true trails and some advanced technical ones from what I hear. I may be obsessed! Then, back to the grind and track this week!

Two weeks from now I should be soaking in A tub from my 50 miler! I’m excited, nervous for the dark middle part of the race I hear about, but dreaming of the finish line! I want to enjoy every step as much as possible!

See you at the start line!


– Do you have shirts from races you just love? Which is your favorite?

– Do you like visiting breweries?

– Favorite type of salsa and do you have recipes 🙂

I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!

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