13.2 miles + Why not run a half marathon on 1,300 feet of elevation + Meal Prep + Is it too big?

Happy Easter everyone!

We failed as dog moms as we didn’t bust out the bunny outfits for Emmy and Bella.

I set my alarm at an early 7:30am (early for me) as I wanted to hit up Eisenhower Park for the first time. I’ve been thinking about running trails since I crossed that finish line last Sunday and couldn’t wait. I wanted the most technical I could find with length so I didn’t have to run in 73 circles to get a decent run in.

I was super excited as I parked! I had my Salomon and flasks full of GU Roctane/water, GU gels and a Stroop Wafel (hot chocolate flavor) and was pumped. I chugged a Nanohydr8 and had a Clif Bar before I left the house so I was ready to go.

I liked the park right away as it was massive. It had picnic tables and bbq grill areas for families, a playground, pavilions, etc! Lynn and I will have to come hike some morning and then have burgers on the grill 🙂

I wanted to get a few hours on my feet but still maintain a decent pace. I thought 10 miles would be a fun number but once I got going, I realized it was going to be tough.

The weathered perfect at 60 degrees. The trails were shaded and it was absolutely stunning.

I’ll be honest though, there were a ton of rocks on the natural trails so it was a bit harder on the ankles and feet if I compare to last weekend’s trail race. The elevation was crazy, and was 1300 feet elevation gain for my run.

The ups were tough, but the downs were brutal for part of it as the drips were really steep and you can to climb down step by step, no way to run or you’d die. Lol! Some of the uphill was like that as well!

So, although I love love love this route/trail loop, it was actually harder in some areas than last week’s race. I loved it and it will make me stronger.

They even had bathrooms at some point along the path I took. That was a win in my book for sure, not to mention the water fountains they had with actual cold water near parking lots. We will see how cold they are when it gets warmer!

As you can see from the sign above, they have different levels, different terrain, etc. it’s perfect for all levels, for those that want to walk, hike, spend the morning with family and dogs getting some exercise in, etc…

I stayed on level 4s for my run, and even found the observation tower which is the highest point of the park. Pretty cool as you can take a few steps up a structure and look over the park. I love love love love this park!!!!! I need to switch back and forth between this one and some others I looked up so I don’t get burned out on any single one!

I only got turned around once, but it got me an extra mile. Once I hit the third loop and had 10 miles in, I decided to do one more to get a half marathon in on some pretty tough trails for a solid Sunday run! the sun was finally coming out so I was glad I started early to avoid more crazy sunburn lines. Yes, I didn’t wear sunscreen again. We really should buy some!

My poor Brooks Launch 5’s has their work cut out for them today and stopped in their tracks today when I saw the picture below! I thought it was a snake and almost had a heart attack. That was on my first loop, so I laughed every time as I passed by for the remainder of the run.

I stopped after 4 loops and although each were a bit different, I ended with a half marathon plus a few minutes at 13.25 miles! I felt pretty good about that and once again, mentally for me it was awesome! I didn’t even listen to music for half of the run. I love actually hearing what’s going on around me, and hearing my feet as I run up and fly down the trails!

I drank all of my liquids, had one GU gel and my Wafel during the run. It was delicious! I am so so glad I have my hydration vest and can’t imagine running long runs without it now! It’s nice to have my hands free!

After the amazing run, I headed to HEB to get groceries. To my surprise it was closed. I did realize that it made sense, however as it was Easter. So, I headed to Walmart and of course they were open! I haven’t grocery shopped there in years, but we were out of everything but butter and expired cottage cheese, so it was crucial.

I was pretty surprised at the grocery selection they had and I loaded up. This was about 25% of what the cart ended up looking like 🙂 Hey, a girls got to eat! Plus, I meal prepped for Lynn’s school lunches so she has good food and doesn’t have to take lunchables. I have extra to throw on salads, for sides, etc and have a lot more to pull from over the next week or two. Yeah! Did walk away with this new ice cream!

I made salmon, pan chicken, sweet potatoes, grilled asparagus, rice, etc… This picture was still waiting on the sweet potato to finish in the oven for a few of these meals.

I also made ceviche from scratch and it is so stinking good! I can’t wait for it to marinate so all the flavors are even ten times more!

We cleaned and cooked and I finally sat down about 30 minutes ago after a shower. I then proceeded to sit (or plop) the salad below in front of me.

Lynn said it was insane and couldn’t believe how big it was. It’s in a brownie pan. I’ve definitely had bigger babe. Probably this week! Is it too big?!

I’m sad the weekend is over as it went by so fast! It was fun packed though and more memories were made!

I’m so glad I got a solid trail run in and will take tomorrow off the legs and do some strength training at the gym. The rest of this week will be road running as I have a 5k on Saturday. I haven’t done sores work in about a month gearing up for the Austin Rattler and this upcoming 50 miler. So, we shall see!

Have a great start to your week!

See you at the start line!


– Do you prefer road running or trail running?

– Do you and your family meal prep?

– Any exciting plans this week?

I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!

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