5k Success – 3rd OA and 1st AG + Emmy’s Winter Coat + Afternoon with Family

This mornings alarm was a welcome one (well, once I pried myself off my pillow) as we had a busy day! First up? Margarita Run 5k!

We got ready quickly, packed a suitcase as headed to Mom and Dad Papke’s house after the race, grabbed the pups and headed out the door at 6:20am.

I packed a few essentials and had some post-Run snacks from RUNNING SNACKS

I really liked the bag and the mantra on it from packet pickup. I’ll have to remember this on tough runs and tough workouts.

The morning was a bit chilly, but not for long. Once the sun was out it was warm, warm, warm!

I caught a few pictures of Lynn as the sun continued to rise. She also got one as well which I love… truly lit up Mission Park. What a cool place right next to the River Walk!

Being that the race was near the River Walk and turn around was in front of a golf course, I knew it would have some rolling hills. It totally did.

My goal was to not start out too fast and I actually slowed myself down as I bolted at a 6:30 pace. I caught myself quickly though but I think I slowed down too much as this was my time in heart rate zone breakdown! It should be mostly all 5! Next time 🙂 Was still a faster 5k than last month by far!

I felt like I was going hard, but could’ve pushed harder I see. My coach gave me a bit of crap and said 5ks shouldn’t feel like half death, should feel like total death! Lol!

Can’t wait to start working together after my 50 miler next weekend and half marathon trail run June 1st! She said to get all this crap out of my system so we can focus, lol! She’s going to “slow me down in order to speed me up first.” Bring it on, more to come! As of June 2nd, she’s the boss!

I was 4th overall female at the turnaround, but only a few seconds behind 2nd and 3rd, so I passed them both and tried to hold on. The new girl in 2nd and I traded that spot several times before she out kicked me on that final hill towards the finish line! I high fived her at the finish for pushing me and collected my medal.

3rd place female and 1st in age group but I wasn’t sure about the latter until awards!

The pups were a hit with the crowd, and Bella loved just chilling and human watching.

We waited around forever and when they started handing out the cute margarita hand painted wooden glasses for the awards, they were only doing 1st place in each division.

I was relieved when there was a pause before they announced my age group winner (they can never pronounce my name and it takes them a second) and they called my name! I was pleased with today’s race, but have so much work to do! I can’t wait to get started in 5 weeks on speed, speed and more speed!

I’m lucky to have Lynn, as I know it wasn’t a super fun morning waiting around for so long… with two crazy pups in tow and wanting to get to her parents. Thanks for always supporting me babe, means more than you know… even if I don’t express it in the best way possible sometimes 🙂

We made it to Mom and Dad Papke’s casa before noon, and a delicious smell of grilled goodness filled the air!

They also had an oasis set up in the backyard and Bags set up and ready to go!

We had a delicious lunch of rice, grilled chicken, shrimp, bacon wrapped pineapple and veggies. Was delicious! Mom P outdid herself!

After lunch we played 117 games of bags (kidding) and sat around and talked! I sipped on La Croix and there was some good beer being consumed!

Several new signs showed up outside since our last visit and looked pretty awesome!

Poor little Emmy looked hot in her winter coat so we made her less fluffy, took off enough dog hair to make a NEW dog, and gave her a bath.

Her little ears shrunk 2 inches from the shortened hair, and I know she must feel so good and much cooler! Thanks Mom P!

She looks like a puppy again 🙂

Now for some relaxing on the couch, some leftovers and to look forward to a run bright and early!

Have a great Saturday!

Questions –

– What are you up to this weekend?

– What is your favorite item to grill?

– Have any races coming up?

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