Sunday Run + Weekly focus + Happy Birthday Dad Papke + 5.5 Days

Happy Sunday!

Last night we lounged around and watched some movies. Now, when I say watched… I mean we started one movie and everyone got bored so we started another. Then, everyone got bored of that movie 7 minutes in and started another show. Shaking my head 🙂

Now, we did end up watching the first episode of Bodyguard, a Netflix series, and it was really good and I’m now wanting to watch a few more episodes as I really enjoyed.

During TV time, I made a salad with leftover chicken from lunch, and threw a pile of cheezits on top. Dinner of champions. Emmy wanted a taste 🙂

I headed out for a 4-5 mile run this morning. Have a few shin splints going on, so need to ensure I’m watching my form. I did Fartleks the last few miles and felt a good hurt!

Not sure how my best pace was a 4:53 but that was for about a .00003 second. Lol!

I ended up running a bit longer than 4.5 miles and called it a morning as it was Dad Papke’s birthday and they had just returned home from church.

The run felt good and made me think about next weeks 50 miler. Ended the run at a 9:05 pace.

5.5 days until the 50 Miler! I’m a little worried as it’s supposed to be rain for the next 10 days in Waxahachie, where my 50 miler is next weekend. I don’t mind a slight drizzle, but this Texas rain and hail has been nuts these past few weeks. Lynn’s car is literally in the shop from hail damage as we speak, and I’ve been driving her to and from work for a week now.

I also don’t want Lynn to have a miserable time if it’s wet and muddy, or any of the spectators or volunteers!

Fingers crossed!

Bella was chilling while we sat and ate lunch this afternoon! Mom P made salmon on the grill. Mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmm

Mom P also made a chocolate chip cookie cake for Dad P’s birthday and it was the size of a large pizza. Delicious!

So, I decided that on Sundays, I’m going to list 4 things I’m going to focus on for the upcoming week. 2 running and 2 non-running items I’m going to think more positive about, small goals I want to accomplish or items I want to check off my list. All these things that will better me and/or those around me.

Running Related:

* Pack by Wednesday for the 50 miler so I have time to pick up any items we may need.

* Download podcasts and some new music to keep me entertained for 50 miles. Want to not be rushing around the night before doing this either.

* (one more) Run slow and with purpose this week while stretching before and after to keep myself strong and healthy for this weekend!

Non Running:

* Lights out by 9:30 this week (Doesn’t count for Monday as I have to be at work till about midnight implementing some new items). This means phone down and eyes closed!

* Wake up early enough to have 30 minutes between the time I am ready to walk out the door, and the time I do. This allows for breakfast, time with Lynn and to not rush into the morning with my head cut off. I’ve never ever been a morning person, so I need to open my eyes and take control of how I feel as I get out of bed. Not focus on how tired I am, it take in the beauty of a new day and all the possibilities! I’m going to think of every day with excitement as if it’s a race morning, those are ALWAYS exciting! Lol!

Have a great week!

See you at the start line!


Are you a morning person?

How do you set the tone for your day?

What are some items I can’t forget to pack for my 50 miler?!

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