Shopping + 3 DAYS!!!! + We Miss the Pups + Progress + Giveaway Winners + Weather

Happy Wednesday!

As you know, we left Bella and Emmy with Papke parents last weekend so we didn’t have to worry about them for this weekend’s race.

We have been sending Mom Papke pictures every night asking how they are doing, if they miss us and if she is reading them Bedtime stories. Crazy how much quieter it is without those little squirts! ❤

It’s been a week of throwing anything and everything on salad. Am loving sweet and salty together!!!

Speaking of loving…. I would LOVE to try these snackable cookie dough bites! With ice cream. With Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Cough

Lynn and I stopped at target for a few things on Sunday. Most of our basket was oatmeal, veggies and toppings for oatmeal. My photographer fiancé thinks she is funny taking pictures when I’m in the zone 🙂

We are both really liking the overnight oats, and adding fruits and nuts! I forgot how good raspberries were! I also added some açaí powder.

I also gave the Kodiak microwaveable protein cups another chance as one of my new Instagram BFFs told me that I probably added too much liquid last time, which is why it resulted in putty. Delicious! I love the flavor!

I also got a few pictures from this weekend 5k back. Emmy was camera shy as I accepted my 1st place margarita. Lol

I’ve also been watching the weather like a mad woman. It was supposed to rain for the next ten days, lots of bad storms.

I didn’t mind so much, but knew how much that would suck for the few spectators (amazing family and friends who have no choice, ha) and the volunteers.

I was SO EXCITED to see the following unfold on Saturday and Sunday. Not holding my breath yet, but super excited for no rain! Warmer that I’d like, but I’ll take it!

This week has had some late night so meals have been a little weird. Today for lunch I had scrambled eggs with veggies and Monday for a late night snack I had cereal in a cup. Both were delicious!

I got a message from our Virginia friend Elizabeth. She sent me the Facebook memory from a year ago when I was a pacer for the first time. She was running her first half marathon and wanted to come in at 2:15. We came in at exactly 2:15 and we had a blast running this race with 3500 of our closest friends in D.C.

I was also super excited to give away three of Meb Keflezighi’s books, 26 Marathons. Three of my awesome Instagram friends can be expecting them in the mail soon!

Pretty proud of how I’ve done on my weekly focus goals from THIS POST FROM SUNDAY.

*I’ve got up every morning trying to be positive and made time for Lynn and breakfast!

* We went shopping tonight for food, bandaids, etc for the 50 miler this weekend. Packing will start tonight and be complete tomorrow

* While I have NOT been in bed by 9:30, it’s been better (one late work night) and I’ve done lights out once in bed sooner. 9:30 tonight though!

I’m super excited for this weekend! In 72 hours we should be headed back to Papke parents and pulling in about now. I will have hopefully completed 50+ miles and an injury free! Can’t wait!!!

If you can think of anything I may need to take or pick, give me your thoughts!

Have a great night!


How many states have you ran a race in?

How many states have you visited?

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?

I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!

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