Packing and more Packing! Am I missing anything?! + B12 shot tomorrow + Cryotherapy

Last year’s 50k above gives me an idea of how hard this 50 miler is going to be, but I’m still having a hard time wrapping my brain around 50 freaking miles! Now, I know a ton of you have done that distance (and further) a dozen time over, but I’m still in awe of this distance!

I started packing tonight (still not finished) and started sipping on a bit of Pedialyte. I’ve heard that this is a good idea a few days before just to ensure fully hydrated! Figured it couldn’t hurt.

I had to make sure I packed enough GU, and they said I should pick ALL the flavors. I picked out a few roctane, and a few of my other favorites as I couldn’t ever race without it! Been running with GU since the beginning.

I laid out my clothes and some of my fuel. I then did a whole load of laundry to ensure that sports bra was clean. I may or may not have pulled it out of the laundry basket for the picture.

The blue GU clothes are one of those things that you can wrap around your wrist, use as a bandana, etc. I’m going to soak both in ice and water that way when he sun comes up and I start getting hot I can pull one on a loop to put around my neck and switch it out on the next loop. Pretty smart, right?!

I bagged up a snack kit to grab each loop. All have GU and or Nanohydr8. Some have uncrustables, Swedish fish, the fruit squeeze things that have apple, beets, etc. this will help Lynn prepare to hand me one suitable for each loop. After the halfway point I’ll want a little soup for sodium, Pringle’s and pickles for extra salt, etc. we will also have ice cold coke (which I’ve heard is like gold later in ultras) and G2 (Gatorade).

I plan on picking up some real food for Lynn tomorrow as well as a few other things. I’ll want a bagel and a banana for breakfast, etc!

I may or may not eat or use everything in my bag, but i don’t want to be without and want to be ahead of my nutrition!

I’m using an ice chest for some of our goods for now, and have most of my food loop bags separated. I’m going to have Kleenex and face wipes as it will feel so good to blow my nose and wipe away the day and sweat at some point as well.

I also got Wonder Woman bandaids to be cool. (Yes, I put pick and not pick. Story of my life. )

Has anyone ever had Run Gum? I picked up a few packs of it as well. I think I tried it years ago and it was very hard, but can’t remember. Figured what the heck and got two packs.

So, half packed and more excited than ever! I’m going to download some new music I’m just a bit as well! I think I’m going to try and run the first 10 miles without anything. Then, I plan to do a few loops with some podcasts before I turn on the tunes to carry my legs to the finish!

I already have my breakfast ready to go for tomorrow! Liked the pancakes, but haven’t tried their oatmeal.

I saw this post it on our mirror today. Lynn wrote this for me back in January when I wasn’t able to run for a few months. I’m so glad she was right and I’m so grateful she’s willing to come along on all these crazy races.

I will do this! I got this!

Move with purpose and have no regrets.

I also am going to start visiting ALAMO CITY CRYOTHERAPY next week and am super excited! I’m going to try not only that, but compression in my recovery and moving forward in my training with long runs, etc! Jessica and Monique are super sweet and I can’t wait to meet them and try it all out!

I’m also getting a B12 shot at this location tomorrow from LONE STAR HYDRATION . Figured the extra boost couldn’t help!

More to come on both of those things soon! In the meantime, check out the websites above! I’ll report back soon!

See you at the start line!

Questions –

– What am I forgetting?!

– Any good podcasts I need to download?

– Any new songs I should hear that would pump me up?

– How’s the weather been for you? It’s been crazy in some states these past few weeks!

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