I did it! My first 50 Mile Race + Beat goal time + Hachie 50 Race Recap

I am so excited to report back that I have now officially completed a 50 mile race! Yesterday was incredible and I’m pumped to tell you all about it!

Friday started out with a visit to ALAMO CITY CRYOTHERAPY to get a MIC-B12 Complex Shot. I figured the little bit of a boost couldn’t hurt and I could also check out the location for my first Cryotherapy appointment this Tuesday. After yesterday’s race, I can’t wait to get compression and freeze. Lol. I am very sore!

I picked Lynn up from work (her car is STILL in the shop) and we picked up Subway for the road. I did a pretty good job of packing the day before and planning out all the food, etc and it truly made the difference in every aspect of yesterday’s race.

We headed out about 6:15pm and were due to Waxahachie about 10:15. Not ideal, but it’s a 4 hour drive on a work day and I figured even if we had gotten there early, we wouldn’t (or maybe I should say I) have slept much from excitement anyways!

About an hour into the drive we hit some awful rain and some pretty scary lightening for the remainder of the trip. It lengthened our drive and we didn’t get to the hotel under 11pm. We had to be up at 3:15am and by the time we got to bed it made for a pretty short night of sleep.

Once the alarm went off, we were showered, packed up and out the door a little after 4am. Nothing like 3 hours of sleep after a couple nights of little sleep before a 50 mile race!

I ate a muffin for breakfast, had a few sips of Pedialyte and drank some water. The start line was only a 10 minute drive from our hotel, and being a smaller race I wasn’t worried about lines for packet pickup or parking.

Remember how I was pretty darn excited end of the week that it wasn’t supposed to rain Saturday morning and the bad weather was due out of the area Friday night? Well, it decided to hang out until about mile 10 of the race, and as a result of the lightening the start got delayed by 30 minutes.

Once we had picked up my packet, we both threw on a poncho and headed towards the start with sling chairs, race essentials and a cooler full of enough food and drink to feed 5 runners. Hey, I wasn’t sure what I’d want, if my tummy would tolerate things differently in heat and humidity, etc… More on food and fueling HERE

Something very cool for the runners is that they had sling chairs for each of the 50 mile runners with the name of each runner by the chair so we could place our items and support team. Loved this! Made a world of difference since this course was 5 loops and I could stop, see Lynn every lap and refuel without having to carry everything with me at once.

We took some fun stories for Instagram, talked to other runners and then I headed to the start. It was pretty wet, but no lightening. I was glad I had a poncho and a hat to start the race! I did throw my poncho at a mile in as I couldn’t handle the flapping of the plastic and the humidity that was staying with me underneath. Instantly much better!

As soon as I crossed the start I was pretty excited. I decided this week that I was going to go the first two laps (20 miles) without any music so it would help move my legs faster when I was less fresh on the course.

There was a lot of mud at the start and no way around it, so as soon as we started, our feet were already muddy and soaked. Plus, it was still raining so it made for a slower race start but was probably good as I didn’t dart out like a bat out of hell. Something I’m known for and always pay for in the later parts of a race. I told myself I wasn’t going to do that with 50 miles but the elements definitely helped.

The first two miles were an out and back, across the mud and past our crew, crossing the start/finish line again to head out for 4 miles and 4 miles back for a total of 10 miles for each lap. I liked that as it made the long loop seem shorter having the first two out of the way and having another opportunity to get a high five from our loved ones. Lynn captured some fun videos that I enjoyed watching after the race. Love my girl!

I really liked the course and it was pretty cool temp wise for the first ten. I pulled a Taushah though as I hit the second turn around to head back to the start. I made a wrong turn. Only I would do that. I went an extra .25 before I realized it and had to run the .25 back to get on course.I was so mad as I knew that was 5 minutes I’d never be able to get back!!!!

I felt pretty good those first 10 miles and I told myself to look at the rest of the race as ten mile increments and not 30 or 40 more miles. I had a GU at mile 5, and once I got back to the start I had Lynn help me refill my GU Roctane and water. I downed an uncrustable sandwich (peanut butter and jelly), another GU, grabbed my fuel bag for loop two and headed back out. Spent 3 or 4 minutes which of course made that mile seem like a slow one 🙂

Lap two was almost like a whole new race as it was light outside at that point so everything looked a bit different, fresh and it wasn’t raining anymore. However, you know what that means… it got more and more humid as the morning went on!

I have to give credit to the amazing volunteers at the water stops as it not only was something to look forward to (ice cold water!) but they were so encouraging as well! Lap three pickle juice started to flow as well as ice cold towels to put around our necks! Have you ever double fisted coke and pickle juice? Well, there is a first time for everything! Ha

There were a few long stretches on the course where we had to run through water and it definitely came up to above your shoes and ankle. I had brought an extra pair of shoes, but no point in changing just to get muddy and wet shortly after. The video above shows some of the pools of water that built up from the rain.

Loop two was uneventful, and I didn’t make a wrong turn so I was happy. They had someone standing there for the rest of the race so they must’ve seen me make the turn as when I finished I was even asked if I was the one who made the wrong turn. Yes…. unfortunately that was me!

At mile 22 or so I called my mom and chatted with her on my airpods for three miles. Love those things! I then called Lynn and talked to her for about ten minutes while I ran! That’s the beauty of the longer distances… I can barely breathe during a 5k, more less talk on the phone. However, with a slower pace during long miles I can carry on a conversation for short times.

After lap 3 I was pretty excited to have 30 miles under my belt and be more than halfway done, but I knew the 4th lap would be the hardest mentally knowing I still had one more AFTER that lap. Plus, it was muggy, humid and the temp was getting warmer. My airpods died somehow during this loop, but I checked them today and they are still at 100 percent. I then realized I’m an idiot and if I would’ve checked them about 15 minutes after being in the case, which IS a charger, they would’ve been good to go for another couple hours. Rookie move.

Before the race started I thought I’d have a meltdown loop 3 or 4, but that never happened. I really really think being able to break it down into 5 parts and seeing Lynn 5 times helped! I talked to my mom for a few minutes during loop 4 again and she was amazed at how far I’d ran and said she’d”die if she had to run another few hours after running for so long”. That made me laugh and passed the time for the rest of that lap.

I was a little delirious and tired as I rounded 40 miles. I was a little short with Lynn which I felt really bad about so I stopped to apologize after the two mile turnaround, gave her a hug and said I’d see her at the finish!

My goal was to be under ten hours. Of course this time includes any stops, bathroom breaks, etc… as time doesn’t stop until you cross that finish line so I had to remind myself to keep moving as I refueled between laps. I spent the most time between lap 3 and 4 and altogether was about 30 minutes of non moving time.

I’m a little regretful that I had that amount of non moving time, but I knew that if I hadn’t, the rest of my race would’ve suffered. What was important was being under 10 hours for my first 50 miler and I’ll be honest, before the start I didn’t know if I could.

The final 3 miles I knew I was close, so that lit a fire in me to get to the finish. I was soooo happy as I headed back for the final time. I thanked all the volunteers at the water stops and said as much as I loved seeing them, I wasn’t sad about not seeing them for the rest of this race. Lol!

Lynn was super sweet as her phone almost died during the day, so she sat in the car to charge to ensure she got pictures of me at the finish!

I am so excited to say that I ran 50.2 miles in 9:56:24 beating my time goal of 10 hours! If I was to ever do again, I’d want under 9 hours which is totally doable with less time spent at aid stations and more training.

As I rounded the final corner to the finish I pumped my arms and it felt amazing hearing my name called out! I almost cried as I saw Lynn and couldn’t believe that I just completed 50 miles!!!

She got some pretty funny expressions (as always) of me crossing the finish line and accepting my medal. It’s super heavy and also a bet buckle, my first!

Everyone was so kind offering up water, food, beer… whatever we needed to be comfortable at that point!

I ate so many pickles and consumed so much salt that I was a little swollen. Well worth it.

I wanted to hug Lynn and get a few pictures. It’s nice being engaged to a photographer!

I’m excited to see results posted in the next few days as I think I was around top 5 or 6 females. They had a relay, 50k and a full marathon as well so it was hard to tell who was running each distance.

I am very sore today, and have so much more to talk about! More posts this week including lessons learned, seeing my Mom after, and a wonderful Sunday! Plus, would I do another 50 miler?!

I appreciate all the love and support from everyone! I’m so grateful for Lynn, the best crew ever!

So much more to come! What a wonderful experience! I’m on a high from it that will last all week!

See you at the start line!

**Pardon any typos, I’m a little tired. I’ll reign in my thoughts tomorrow as there is so much more I want to share with you all!

Questions –

Do anything fun for cinco de Mayo?

Where do you usually ache after longer races or runs?

Have you ever talked on the phone while running?

4 thoughts on “I did it! My first 50 Mile Race + Beat goal time + Hachie 50 Race Recap

  1. straussem426

    CONGRATULATIONS! I just can’t wrap my brain around running for that long. I can’t even stand being in the car for that long. You’re a Wonder Woman.

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