I was 4th Overall Female! + Spent time with my Amazing Mom + Alamo City Cryotherapy + ART Recovery

I can’t believe it’s already been three days since I conquered 50 miles!

I’m still sore, but it’s so much better and I should be back to normal by the weekend. I received the official results from the race, and turns out I was 4th overall female! I missed 3rd by 20 minutes, but in a 50 miler that’s not that long. Considering I had 30 minutes of stops, with less of that and training…. I may have to go back next year to get under 9 hours to try and podium. Just sayin’ 🙂

The 11:56 is from the time I started to time I finished, was closer to 11 min pace with just moving time. Lots of room to improve! I’m happy, however, and wouldn’t change a thing as I enjoyed it!

More to still come on everything 🙂

I saw the above and thought it was pretty funny. However, my swear jar would be pretty full as well.

I really like the shirt we received and it’s definitely one I’ll be proud to wear, and I’m excited to read this trail running magazine they gave us as well!

After the race on Saturday, I was super super excited to see my Mom. I had messaged her the night (super super late) to ensure she’d be home as we passed pretty close to where she lives on our way to and from the race.

I was beyond happy when I saw she responded, several miles into the race, that she’d be home and would love to see me!

So, after I collected my medal, goodies and all the crap that we hauled there… we headed to see my Mom and Stepdad!

My Mom is one of the most amazing people I know! She’s kind, loving and a kid at heart sometimes… so we always have fun!

Lynn and I arrived around 5:30pm or so and Mom was laughing about my new swagger (aka walking like I’d just ran 50 miles). I apologized for my fragrance (sweat) and we proceeded to catch up!

My Mom is an amazing piano player, and I was pounding on it for a bit as well 🙂 Lynn captured a few videos and pictures and I’m glad she did!

My mom has every creative gene you can possess. She can knit, sew, play the piano, crochet, draw, etc. Well, she decided to give my sister all those genes and skip over me. Lol! Kidding!

Here, she was showing off a ton of squares she had beautifully knitted that she will make a blanket or something equally pretty with!

Mom then showed us a cool craft with ink/paint…. which one to you think is prettier? (Hint hint, the one on the right is Lynn’s and the one on the left is mine. I may have gotten carried away. Cough)

Mom then made us fajitas and they hit he spot for sure! I had a scoop of pimento cheese with celery on the side. Hey, I’d had pickle juice with coke, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with applesauce. Nothing sounded weird on Saturday. You could’ve given me tuna fish and ice cream and I would’ve shrugged and gone with it! Lol

Thanks for having us over Mom! Was so good to see you!

We then headed back to Mom and Dad Papke’s to stay the night and scoop up the pups before heading home the next day!

Coffee the next morning outside was like heaven. I was definitely enjoying the beautiful day and relishing in finishing the race! Everything hurt, but was a constant reminder of what I had accomplished!

Bella accompanied me in the morning sun. Both girls lost it when they saw us and I think they thought we were never coming back. Was awesome to snuggle with them!

I may or may not already be looking up a cool place to stay for the Spicewood Half/10k (doing both, same day) in 3.5 week. Bella was helping me search.

So, I did something super exciting today! I don’t like being in pain for too long, so I made my first Cryotherapy appointment at ALAMO CITY CRYOTHERAPY . I had heard amazing things about this location, and Monique and Jessica was the sweetest ever! I met Jessica on Friday when I was there for my B12 shot and booked this appointment, and Monique helped me today during my visit!

I did compression on my legs first, and it was very peaceful and relaxing. It almost felt like a pressure massage on my legs. Monique was awesome and checked on me several times to make sure the pressure was good and that I didn’t need anything.

I did this for 30 minutes, and right before my time was up I was about to fall asleep. Was a nice refresh.

I then headed to another location the get undressed and into a robe for the cryotherapy chamber!

I was supposed to keep the robe only on, put the socks and slippers on and then head to the room so Monique could help me in. First trip, I only had slippers. Second trip I only had socks, third time was a charm and I followed instructions. Lol! Monique was awesome and it was a rookie move 🙂

So, it got pretty cold, but the three minutes passed pretty quickly. It got down to -191 and I’ll work I’m getting it down to -230. Monique talked to me the whole time so that helped pass the time!

When I got out, my legs and waist felt pretty cool (literally) and I was ready to book my next appointment for Friday.

Thanks ladies for being so amazing and helpful and I can’t wait to visit often!

I’ve already had several people reach out asking about it! Everyone should try, and if you visit Alamo City Cryotherapy tell them I sent you!

Next, I went and saw my favorite miracle worker, Dale Londos! This picture is from last time (my phone died), but had to give him some thanks! He was wiped from working on a pretty amazing track team all weekend making sure they ran like the wind!

He’s such an awesome guy and has helped me stay healthy since my injury in December!

Proper recovery and proper training! It’s so important and something I’m striving for more and more!

On the way home, I picked Lynn up from school and we made a detour by Starbucks. I got a nitro sweet cream cold brewed coffee. Um, this is going to be my new drink for awhile! Holy moly talk about silky smooth!

I hope everyone has had a great start to the week!


– Have you ever tried Cryotherapy?

– What are some of the ways you rest, relax and recovery after a hard race or workout?

– Favorite drink from Starbucks?

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