Guess who is a 2020 Chevron Houston Marathon Ambassador + 80%

Several months ago, the Ambassador applications for the 2020 race opened up. I applied and hoped with my whole heart I’d be accepted. I know they get thousands of applications, and only 10-15 get selected each year, so although I was hopeful… I didn’t think they’d pick little ol’ me.

Fast forward to Monday… when I get one of the most exciting emails ever! I was selected! I couldn’t wait to tell everyone, but I had to keep it hush hush!

It made me think about this past January, when I picked up my packet at the expo, and took a long look at the finish line. I had injured myself a month prior, and was running with my heart for that race. I wasn’t sure it was possible for me to run for 26.2 miles as I hadn’t ran since my ankle told me it wasn’t happy.

I wanted so badly to cross that finish line and I did. You can read that emotional race recap HERE

I fell in love with running after completing the EP5k during the Chevron Houston Marathon weekend a decade ago. In 2012, I completed my first 13.1 at the Aramco Houston Half Marathon, and then in 2013 I ran my first 26.2 at the Chevron Houston Marathon. I’ve only missed one Marathon weekend since as I had moved out of state for a short period. This past January, I completed my 21st Marathon crossing the Chevron Houston Marathon finish line, and completed my 30th half marathon in Austin a few weeks later. 

May 4th of this year I ran my first 50 miler and have completed other ultra distances and trail races as well. I will also be getting married on November 23rd, 2019 to my amazing fiance Lynn and have never been happier. I couldn’t ask for a better cheerleader as she’s there supporting me at every race!

Being an ambassador for the Chevron Houston Marathon is a dream come true. The entire race weekend is nothing short of magical, and simply thinking about it gives me all the feels. I can’t wait to toe the start line and run the full marathon in January 2020, making it lucky number 22. I will relish every mile in the most amazing city, while being surrounded by the greatest spectators, inspiring athletes and the kindest volunteers a runner could ever ask for. Houston, I’m coming for you! It’s going to be a great race weekend!

You know what else is exciting? When Chevron Houston Marathon starts following you on Instagram!

Something else I’m excited about is to head to Houston for Global Running Day on June 5th at Memorial Park. It’s also a special day because registration opens for the race that day as well! So, mark your calendars for both! Come see me in Houston and come run with me in January.

Race weekend in January is something I literally count down for… by the month, then week, then day… and finally down to the hours! This race is what made me fall in love with running. Going to the expo made me feel like an athlete and made me feel important the very first time! The support of the spectators, the buzz and excitement in the air and around the city. There is NOTHING like it!

Check out the list of incredible #runhou #houmarathon #houhalf ambassadors HERE

So, it’s hard to believe tomorrow marks 6 days since I completed 50 miles! I have missed last weekend and that race and feeling since we left! I keep joking as we get in the car to head to work that we are headed back to Waxahachie to relive that weekend.

I’m at about 80% as far as feeling normal. My quads still wake up if I try to walk down the stairs, and I’m definitely more tired this week.

Since the normal (major) soreness has worn off, I am noticing a lingering pain in my right foot. It’s on the outter side of the foot and has started to creep up into the side of my leg. So, I may need another appointment with Dale and I’m glad I have another Cryotherapy appointment tomorrow.

Its only been 5 days, and that WAS a lot of miles! I figured I would take an entire week off, hit gym for core and upper body a few days after and at the two week mark try to get a short run in to see how my body feels!

I will never push it, as I learned that lesson last year!

I’m so excited for this January’s Marathon and for the first time ever, I’m going to train my ass of for this 26.2 miles! Major goals! After Spicewood Trail 13.1/10k on June 1st, I’ll take a few days off. Then, Coach is in charge and the journey to a few fall half marathons and to the start and finish line at the Chevron Houston Marathons begins!

Houston, I’m coming for you!

See you at the start line!


– What race holds a special place in your heart?

– What is your favorite distance?

– How long does it take you to feel normal after a race?

– How do you reward yourself after accomplishing a goal?

4 thoughts on “Guess who is a 2020 Chevron Houston Marathon Ambassador + 80%

  1. Samantha

    Yaaaaay!!! Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you. What an honor to be selected as an ambassador. I’ll be running the Houston Marathon with a friend. It will be her first marathon, so I plan to stay by her side, walking or running to help her get to the finish line. I’ll be running the Texas Marathon on Jan 1st trying to qualify for Boston. Hope to see you in June!! Once again, a huge congrats!!! 🎈🍾🎉🎊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Samantha! Thanks so much for your kind words 🙂 That is so kind to stick by your friend during her first marathon, as we all know how scary it can be!

      I’ve heard amazing things about the Texas Marathon, and I’ll be cheering you on for that BQ!

      I hope to see you in June… make sure and say hi!!!!

      Have a great week!


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