Miss it + Sore + Meal Prep + Visto Athletic (more to come) + Happy Mother’s Day

Well that was a lot of topics in the title 🙂

First and foremost…. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you amazing women out there!

My mom is the most incredible person ever, and I don’t know what I’d do without her! So glad we got to see her last weekend!

Friday I had a Cryotherapy appointment at ALAMO CITY CRYOTHERAPY and I already have another appointment this week! Jessica was super sweet and I even fell asleep during the compression.

My right foot has been bothering me, on the outer top right and it goes up the side of my outer right leg. The top of my right foot also creaks a bit so I must have irritated a tendon or two. It’s uncomfortable, but seems to be improving. I think.

I miss last weekend already! If I could race every weekend I would! I live for this stuff! I’m really excited for Spicewood (half and 10k same day) in 3 weeks, but hoping this leg issue goes away sooner than later! I mean, it’s only been a week so I’m not too concerned, and it WAS 50 miles. So, another week of TLC and hoping I can run next weekend. I also want to get feet wet before another race.

After Spicewood, lots of work and training to come!

More Cryotherapy and some Dale Londos will be in my schedule this week!

Yesterday I hit the gym and then HEB to buy groceries in able to prep some meals for the week.

I did some leg squats, etc (along with the rest of workout) that I shouldn’t have done yet…my inner thighs and quads are not happy with me!

I’m also wearing my Visto Athletic shirt as I love it so much. Stay tuned for a full post about them as I love the product, all that it’s about and how reflective and safe it made me feel running at night!

I prepped some salads for Lynn’s lunches this week as well as made up all the fixing for chicken fajitas. I cut up a ton of veggies to be able to grab on a whim, have all our oatmeal and fruits ready to go…. going to be a delicious week!

It’s funny how full our fridge looks on the weekend, and how empty it looks by the end of the week. So much goodness though!

Has anyone ever tried this fast twitch drink mix from Cytosport? I saw this in HEB and am curious if it would be worth the price.

Last night Lynn took a ton of pictures of me running around our beautiful complex to try out Visto Athletic so we didn’t get to bed until 1am 🙂 Check back for pics and all the reasons you’ll want to back them on kickstarter. Until then, check them out HERE

The cool thing about going out on Friday is that it makes the weekend seem longer. Was nice to have a full day yesterday and to wake up today and it be Sunday and not Monday!

After wishing our Mom’s a happy Mother’s Day, we ate a quick breakfast and I hit the gym.

Worked on triceps and a bit of abs. the burn was real.

Today was the perfect weather for the pool, so that’s what we did! Lynn braved the cold water, but I stayed dry and just dipped my toes in. Brrrrrrr

I really need to sit in the sun more. My runner’s tan lines are real, and they are only going to get worse over the summer. Bring it on! It was really sunny, hence my squished up nose and squint. Lol

I saw a fellow Instagram friend post this on her stories as she has a Dachshund as well. She looks like our little Bella so every time I see pics of her I do a double take of our pup!

I hope everyone has a great week!

This week is full of gym and strength/core work, healthy eating and having a plan for it! Be expecting lots of gym talk and then back to running next weekend…

Speaking of next weekend, I will be completing my RRCA coaching certification. I will officially be a running coach after I complete the test and get cpr and first aid certified as well! Who wants to be my first guinea pig?!


– Do you meal prep?

– What did you do for Mother’s Day?

– Any fun plans for this week?

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