Yup, I did it again + Visto Athletic Reflective Apparel

Monday Monday! Hope it’s been a good start to your week!

9 days ago I crossed the finish line of the Hachie 50, accomplishing my first 50 miler, race recap HERE. I promise I won’t keep talking about it (for a few days at least), but if you recall I said that it would be two 50 milers in one – my first and my last. My mom and I even had a conversation regarding this fact about 23 miles into last weekend’s race. Well….. this happened. Yup, I did it again….

Hey, I can’t go out with a 4th place finish. I have to go back trained. My goal for next year is this – Podium and a finish in under 8:59:59, almost an hour faster. You heard it here first. My mom is shaking her head. Hard. Hi mom!

The rest of this post is sponsored by Visto Athletic. They sent me some apparel to review the design and reflective aspect of the clothing in exchange for a review. That being said, the comments below are my own thoughts and opinions, outside of a few lines from their kickstarter to ensure I’m speaking to their vision correctly.

First and foremost, when the owners reached out, I was immediately drawn to the humbleness and honesty of this new company. TJ is so very kind and grateful for all success, I want nothing more than for this company to do amazing things!

“This little venture was born as a result of a loving, safety-conscious wife concerned for the safety of her mildly reckless, stubborn husband who resisted wearing his reflective safety gear while training for marathons.  Visto is the resulting compromise. 

The literal translation of “Visto” when translated from Spanish to English is “seen.”  Our brand is primarily built around the safety and comfort of our customers and helping them be more visible and “be seen” as they perform.

So, I immediately loved that the foundation of this company was built on the concern and love of family wanting to keep loved ones safe.

They are “TJ and Tanner Smith, a couple of middle-aged brothers with dad bods, trying to make a difference in the world.  Visto is one way they’re doing it

I don’t know how many early mornings in the summer or evenings in the winter I’ve gone out, and either couldn’t find my reflective vest, or had a worried fiancé concerned the entire time I was gone.

Auto-pedestrian accidents have increased every year since 2008 and are most likely to occur after sundown.  Visto Athletic’s apparel is crafted with highly reflective qualities to make you more visible during your workout, regardless of time of day.

Let me just start with how impressed I am by their designs. Not only does it serve purpose, but I love the cool factor it has.

As I took it for a spin this weekend (like 10pm Saturday night. That’s how I roll), I got stopped by a handful of folks asking where I got my shirts (yes I did a wardrobe change) and shoelaces. I told them to check out Visto Athletic’s Kickstarter page to back them, learn about the product and company, and to pledge in order to ensure they could have their very own! Check it out – VISTO ATHLETIC KICKSTARTER

You could see me coming a mile away, and I loved that! I felt very safe, and SEEN! There are several different designs and they offer men and women’s cut shirts. Fit was perfect, and I loved it so much I wore one of them to the gym the next day.

I loved that I could wear something that looked athletic, truly provided all the reflective needs you could want, and is stylish just as much in the daylight as it is after the sun sets.

Visto Athletic also offers hats and compression sleeves! Make every part of your body look great while staying as safe as possible!

Please help me in visiting their kickstarter HERE and back them to make their dream, and your safety while wearing stylish apparel be SEEN!

To summarize –

* I love love love the designs and logos

* The items look amazing and stylish in the dark AND during the day

* The reflective aspect is incredible. You could see me coming from any direction. Plus, I looked cool heading any direction 🙂

* Love that it isn’t just shirts, but any type of apparel you could want or need (only got to try the shirts and shoelaces however, so opinions on those)

* Product is well made and quality is on point.

* The owners are humble and gracious with the company stemming from a personal need and out of concern from loved ones. Those are the type of people I want to see do amazing things with the sky being the limit!

* Back their kickstarter and get apparel of your very own in a short period of time! Be one of the first 🙂

See you at the start line!

More pics to come, the lovely fiancé still editing!

Questions –

*How do you stay safe in the dark?

*Ever run a race and swear it will be your last, only to sign up for 7 more? Yeah, me neither….

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