About Me

Welcome to Road Runner Chick! My name is Taushah Crawford and I’ve been running since I was about 10 years old. Well, kind of. My first two races started with me never having ran before, and running as hard I could at the start… and barely making it to the finish line. Fast forward to my late 20s (I am 35 as of now), and I decided I wanted to be a real runner. Again, that consisted of me signing up for as many races as possible without doing the work in between.

30 Half Marathons, 21 Marathons, 1 Ultra Marathon and a few hundred 5ks later I’ve done pretty well. However, this is the first time in my life I’m putting the work in BETWEEN the races. I’m only a few months in, but I’m so excited to see my hard work pay off in the near future. I know this blog will help keep me accountable. I love anything and everything running, and am going to put as much work into it as possible to be the best me I can possibly be! Qualifying for Boston before I’m 40 and hitting below a 20 min 5k are on my short list of goals.
*** I just signed up for my first 50 Miler on May 4th!

I’m lucky to have found my best friend and love of my life Lynn Papke! We are getting married November 23rd 2019 so only a year to go! We have two sweet Dachshunds name Emmy and Bella and just moved back to Texas from a year in Virginia. 

Thank you for being part of my journey! Hopefully this blog offers some laughs and inspiration. In no way am I an expert (although I sometimes think I am) and I welcome any and all comments and questions. 

I LOVE trying new products and bragging and promoting the ones that work for me! I would love to work with YOU! Please reach out via email, contact me on menu above or social media. I will always put heart and soul into the things I believe in!  🙂 

Email – roadrunnerchick3@gmail.com

Welcome to Road Runner Chick!