My Gear

Current Lineup of Gear – (affiliate links included):
Below are my favorite items at this time and if you click on the links it will take you to a place you can purchase and read more about the product. Happy shopping and run great!

Current Shoe Lineup:

*Brooks Levitate 2 – I LOVE these shoes and wear them for most of my runs outside of speed work days.

*Brooks Hyperion – These shoes make me feel super fast as soon as I put them on! They are the lightest shoes I’ve run in and I love them.

*Supplements and Fuel:

**Mention promo code RRC20 at checkout and received 20% off entire order! This stuff is amazing and I use it for long runs and speedwork!

*Clothes and Additional Gear

*Books I Love

*Stuff around our home we can’t live without! **Click  Pictures

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